Killer creatures are lurking in the shallows of the deep blue sea, hungry for blood and ready to attack!

Ghost Shark – 2013 – 87 min – Not Rated
Starring: Mackenzie Rosman (TV’s 7th Heaven), Dave Davis (TV’s The Walking Dead), Sloane Coe (Devil’s Due), Richard Moll (Scary Movie 2)
When rednecks on a fishing trip kill a great white shark, its spirit comes back for revenge, and soon turns its sights on the town of Smallport.

Mississippi River Sharks – 2017 – 85 min – Not Rated
Starring: Jason London (Dazed and Confused), Cassie Steele (TV’s Degrassi: The Next Generation), Miles Doleac (The Hollow), Tahj Vaughans (TV’s NCIS: New Orleans)
Sharks attack a fish rodeo on the Mississippi River, and it is up to a group of locals, along with a visiting actor from a successful franchise of shark movies, to stop the sharks.

Ozark Sharks – 2016 – 88 min – Not Rated
Starring: Allisyn Ashley Arm (TV’s A.P. Bio), Dave Davis (TV’s The Walking Dead), Michael Papajohn (Jurassic World), Ross Britz (God’s Not Dead)
A vacation to the Ozarks turns upside-down when bull sharks somehow infiltrate Arkansas’s freshwater lakes and wreak havoc on a town’s big fireworks festival.

Santa Jaws – 2018 – 86 min – Not Rated
Starring: Reid Miller (Flikker), Courtney Lauren Cummings (TV’s The Vampire Diaries), Jim Klock (TV’s Cloak & Dagger), Carrie Lazar (The Magnificent Seven)
A young aspiring comic book artist is gifted a mysterious pen that brings his drawing to life. Now his creation, Santa Jaws, begins to devour his family and the remaining must battle for survival against this creature.

Swamp Shark – 2011 – 85 min – Rated R
Starring: Kristy Swanson (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Robert Davi (Die Hard), D.B. Sweeney (The Cutting Edge), Jeff Chase (Star Trek – Into Darkness)
An animal smuggling ring accidentally releases a deadly shark into the swamplands of Atchafalaya Basin causing carnage to the residents and visitors to the upcoming Gator Fest.

Zombie Shark – 2015 – 86 min – Not Rated
Starring: Cassie Steele (TV’s Degrassi: The Next Generation), Jason London (Dazed and Confused), Sloan Coe (Devil’s Due), Laura Cayouette (Django Unchained)
Four friends vacationing at a resort island find themselves faced with the danger of infectious zombie sharks that transform their victims into the undead.

Alligator Alley – 2013 – 88 min – Not Rated
Starring: Jordan Hinson (TV’s Eureka), Victor Webster (Surrogates), Thomas Francis Murphy (Free State of Jones), Christopher Berry (12 Years a Slave)
Rival bayou families must put their mutual hatred aside when a mutated alligator begins devouring members of each clan while it rampages through the swamp.

What We Thought:

Shark Bait – 6 Movie Collection is a lot fun. Sure these are awful films, but they are a fun way to kill time. You obviously know if you are a fan of shark films (and no Jaws doesn’t count) so if you are, this is a great collection. I’m talking about B-movie shark flicks like what you see on TV with multiple heads and what not. This is actually 7 films too, it comes with a bonus movie about killer alligators!

I watched all 7 movies over two days. I didn’t go in order though because when you see a movie called Santa Jaws you start with that one. I learned quickly that most of these flicks come from the same production company and are directed, edited and written by the same people. You see a lot of the same actors in them as well. Swamp Shark has the biggest names in it and is the oldest of the group. I’ll give a quick blurb about each film next.

First is Ghost Shark. It opens with a fishing contest and two rednecks killing a great white. It’s recorded on video and the boat is found drifting around. Something isn’t right though and an invisible shark seems to be causing chaos killing people. It appears in all water, not just the ocean! Richard Moll plays a lighthouse keeper with a secret and it turns out the town has its own secret similar to Roanoke. The leads must reverse a curse or die! The ghost effect is laughable, but that’s the point of these movies.

Mississippi River Sharks also features a fishing contest and rodeo and Jason London stars as himself who is a star of B-movie shark flicks (think Ian Ziering in the Sharknado franchise) in this movie. Cassie Steele makes her first appearance in this collection. The tow truck bridge scene is hilarious and the guy running the rodeo has a Mayor in Jaws vibe to him.

Ozark Sharks is probably the weakest of the group. A family goes on vacation to the Ozarks where their grandmother visited as a kid. Bull sharks make it into the area and start killing people. Thomas Francis Murphy (who is in multiple movies) plays a bait shop owner with an arsenal. Although it’s the weakest, it might have the best shark kill in the bunch with a woodchipper and teeth! I genuinely laughed out loud and rewatched that scene.

Santa Jaws was the first one I watched. It’s about a kid who gets a magical pen from his grandfather for Christmas and he makes a wish which causes the comic book he drew with that pen to come alive. A shark starts killing people and can only be stopped with Christmas stuff. It was a great opening to my binge.

Swamp Shark is next and again has the biggest names in it. It also has Baseball Hall of Famer and Red Sox star Wade Boggs in it! Robert Davi is a corrupt cop who smuggles animals and a shark is released in the water killing the locals. Kristy Swanson with the help of federal agent DB Sweeney try to stop it. Great for the Boggs cameo!

Zombie Shark is also known as Shark Island. Four friends take a quick getaway near an old military base. A shark that was experimented on escapes and is able to get other sharks to join him. They don’t seem to be stopped after coming back to life like zombies! Jason London plays a military guy at the base whose job is to kill them all.

And last is the bonus film Alligator Alley. This one is so ridiculous it’s genius. A young woman comes home from college to her redneck family in Louisiana (which is a running theme in almost all of them). She learns there’s a gator causing chaos. He’s bigger and doesn’t look like other gators. Her family has been feuding for decades with a family of moonshiners who dumped bad batches of moonshine with chemicals into the swamp. The gators have mutated and so don’t family members! The gator effects are just horrible, but I chuckled throughout.

As previously stated, none of these movies are actually good, but they are fun. Most have similar themes like a family member coming home, parents and cops not believing there are sharks, adults knowing better than kids, the government or someone doing something bad and causing the trouble, etc. The special effects are laughably bad but that’s the charm to these movies. There are some amazing kills and I was shocked at how often they would kill off a major character. There isn’t any nudity because these seemed to be made for TV (some show the SyFy logo before the movie starts) but there is some great gore. It was a great way to cleanse myself of serious movies!

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