The best release of the week is Golden Job. This Asian heist flick sees the cast of the Young and Dangerous franchise return in a pretty fun caper. Think of it as a mix of Ocean’s 11 and the Fast & the Furious films with a little bit of Four Brothers. A group of unofficial brothers get caught in a gold heist which sees someone turn on them. They re-band together along with the help of “Dad” to set things straight. It has cool action and fight sequences. There are fast cars with some questionable CGI and the actors are all top-notch. If it wasn’t for some laughable CGI effects I would have liked this even more, but overall I still very much recommend it. If you like capers mixed with action then definitely seek out Golden Job.

Second we have Cam Girl. This Italian film finds a group of women turning to cam work after one woman doesn’t get the job she wanted. One already worked as a cam girl and convinces the rest to start their own site. We’ve seen the premise of doing what you need to do many times before and you know eventually there will be issues, but the women are certainly beautiful. It’s nothing overly original, but it’s easy enough to follow. You know one of the watchers will get too personal. You know money will cause rifts. But again it’s easy to follow and it’s only 90 minutes so it’s a quick watch too.

Third we have The Charmer. This is about an Iranian man living in Denmark that is about to be deported if he can’t find someone to marry to keep him in the country. He’s a good looking, well dressed womanizer, but he’s pretty much poor and wants a better life. He meets an Iranian woman who lives there and comes from a better family, but she knows his game. Eventually they get together, but it doesn’t work out how he wants. I guess the ending should surprise people (I won’t spoil it because it’s not hinted at in the synopsis), but it didn’t surprise me in the slightest. He talks to people over a computer during the movie so you should see the ending coming. But it’s well acted, well made and the lead is believable enough so if you like foreign films give it a try.

Ray Donovan: Season Six is out this week. When the show first came out I really liked it, but now I only watch to review it. It’s kind of the same thing at this point and most of the main characters haven’t really developed into anything they weren’t already. At least this season finds Ray in Staten Island trying to re-establish his life working for the police. He works again with Susan Sarandon’s character and gets involved in a mayoral candidacy. It’s not must see TV like the first few seasons but overall I still enjoy the show and don’t mind watching it.

Next we have Black Site. The film has a great concept, but unfortunately some questionable acting and fighting sequences. It’s a science fiction film where an elite military unit fights Elder Gods, entities around long before man. They trap them in human vessels and deport them off the planet. The lead actress seems to be more of a stunt performer and she might want to stick to that. That being said, I’m surprised some of the fight sequences were as bad as they were. They looked overly choreographed and staged. But I did like the idea and the special effects weren’t bad. I wish it was a better film because the story could have made it into cult status.

The next two films came out already but I didn’t get my copies until late last week. First is We Are Boats which is pretty solid for a spiritual type movie. Angela Sarafyan (Westworld) stars as a woman taken too soon who sort of helps guide others to their passing. All of the stories interconnect to show how lives all connect. She’s pretty good in the role and I didn’t mind the film even though I’m the furthest thing from religious. Luke Hemsworth, Amanda Plummer and Uzo Adoba (Orange is the New Black) also star. Sarafyan does what she needs to do in order to see her daughter and I’m not quite sure if I understood the ending, but it’s fine for what it is.

Last we have No Alternative. The 1990’s was my heyday, my prime years so I was really hoping to like this or at least relate to it. Unfortunately, I did not. This takes place in the 90’s after Kurt Cobain’s death and is about a kid trying to get his garage band to be the next big thing. He has a sister on meds who raps over a keyboard she found outside. Harry Hamlin plays a judge who gets a gun to protect him and his family from a defendant. It should be right up my alley, but the sister character was terrible and cliched. The actress wasn’t very good too. Her character annoyed me so much because it’s everything bad about white suburbanites. She thinks life is tough yet has a nice upper middle class family. She’s angtsy and on meds and anti-Republican and shut up already. Your life doesn’t suck you privileged A-hole. I’m white and your suburban life was easy compared to city kids. The “surprise” ending I guess is a twist because what happens you think will happen to someone else, but even with that I didn’t care. Oh no daddy is a Republican and you have a nice house while others suffer, get over yourselves. A major disappointment for me.

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