Since exploding onto the global stage in 1993 with the multi-platinum Tuesday Night Music Club album, the one-time music teacher and studio vocalist from Kennett, Missouri has forged a career to become the finest female singer/songwriter of her generation.

On November 10th 2017, at the historic Capitol Theatre in Port Chester New York, Sheryl Crow played the final night of her Be Myself tour. The show features Sheryl with her all new band in top form, performing new songs from her 8th studio album. featuring the Title Track “Be Myself” along with her newest hits “Halfway There” and “Atom Bomb “, and featuring her classic hits including “Comon’ Comon” All I Wanna Do”, “Leaving Las Vegas “, “First Cut Is The Deepest”, Soak Up The Sun”, “If It Makes You Happy” and many more hits.

As a bonus, this package includes a vintage black and white flashback introduction of many legends who have graced the Capitol Theatre stage over the years, interspersed with exclusive interview segments with Sheryl recently filmed at her farm in Nashville.

What We Thought:

Sheryl Crow – Live At The Capitol Theater is a 3-disc collection featuring a Blu-ray of the performance and 2 CDs of music. I’m not the biggest fan of hers but when you watch something like this, you realize just how many hits she actually had.

I thought I might only know 3 or 4 songs but I actually knew a lot more. What I liked most about the performance is that even though she’s been performing for decades at this point, she still sounds very good. She’s always played her own instruments and still sounds as good as she did in the 1990s. Sure there’s new music I wasn’t familiar with but her fans will surely enjoy it.

I also like that she respects music history. She talks about The Capitol Theater and those who played there before her and you can tell it meant something to her. Musicians like her truly get my respect because of their respect for artists who paved the way. And she clearly knows that history.

Sheryl Crow – Live At The Capitol Theater is a great collection for her fans. The sound quality is great and it seems like a great environment to see a show. You get new songs with her biggest hits (see full list below) and you watch a performer who loves performing playing a historical venue. For her fans this is…


Track Listing:

  • Every Day Is A Winding Road
  • A Change Would Do You Good
  • All I Wanna Do
  • My Favorite Mistake
  • Be Myself
  • Long Way Back Home
  • Run Baby Run
  • Can’t Cry Anymore
  • The First Cut Is The Deepest
  • Atom Bomb
  • Half Way There
  • There Goes The Neighborhood
  • Leaving Las Vegas
  • Strong Enough
  • Heartbeat Away
  • Roller Skate
  • Best Of Times
  • If It Makes You Happy
  • Soak Up The Sun
  • Midnight Rider
  • I Shall Believe

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