In Series 2, vivacious DI Vivienne Deering (Scanlan) returns to work from bereavement leave after her husband’s death, but only Viv’s impulsive subordinate, DC Dinah Kowalska (Cassidy), knows the brutal truth of what really happened to him. Then in her first week back, a bomb blast at a funeral plunges Deering and her team headfirst into a gang war inflamed by a crime family matriarch (Rakie Ayola, Sahara) who is just as ferocious as Deering herself.

What We Thought: 

Series 1 of No Offence left off on a huge cliffhanger. Series 2 comes in and barely acknowledges that ending. Viv comes back from leave and then, poof, it never really is talked about again. That’s about the only negative I have for Series 2 since it was a pretty good twist at the end of Series 1.

Series 2 starts with an explosion at a funeral. They at first think it was a gas explosion until pieces unfold and they come to the conclusion it was a bombing. The death was the son of a local gangster and she was the target. Initial thoughts point to the Irish, but as clues and street riots occur, there is much more to the story including child endangerment, bodies that were never cremated, rape, and so on.

What I like about the show is that although it is a drama, it’s not 100% serious all the time. I thought it would be funnier when I first watched Series 1 (it being from Paul Abbott of Shameless UK fame), but knowing it would only have comedic elements with mostly drama helped me with Series 2. Elaine Cassidy and Joanna Scanlan are great together and this series sees Alexandra Roach be much bigger and I would have her as the third lead.

Like the first series, this also has some side stories that ultimately aren’t necessary. This is 7 episodes (over 2 discs) so I understand the need for filler but some of it just doesn’t need to be there. The bodies found buried and not cremated don’t mean anything by the end. The guy pretending to be an EMT comes and leaves. The running storyline through all 7 episodes should be the main focus. There’s even a dirty cop side story that ties into the main story but I actually forgot about it until I just started writing this review.

I liked No Offence Series 2 and I’m curious to see where Series 3 goes. Series 2 wrapped up pretty well especially compared to Series 1. If you like less serious British dramas then this is for you. If you watched Series 1 and haven’t seen Series 2 yet, pick up the DVD set.

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