THE DELINQUENT SEASON is a tense drama which revolves around two couples in suburban Dublin. On paper, they both appear to live in marital bliss, until an altercation occurs and cracks begin to appear in both of these seemingly steady marriages. The film is an examination of love, lust and family relationships, and asks the question: “how well do any of us really know each other?

What We Thought:

The Delinquent Season is a decent character driven film out of Ireland. It’s nothing overly original nor is it something we haven’t seen before but the actors are good and the story is relatable.

I watched it because I like Cillian Murphy. I liked the film Perrier’s Bounty which he starred in and was also written by Mark O’Rowe who also wrote and directed this one. This isn’t a crime drama like that film but it’s still a drama.

Even with it being from Ireland it feels like a New York type film. It’s very personal and relies heavy on characters and relationships connecting. One wife is having an affair with the other’s husband. One is dying. One just has enough of all of it. It’s not quite an on-the-street type film you’d get from Woody Allen, but the connecting couples storylines came across as similar to me.

I actually thought the scenes with the affair were pretty hot too. It’s not crazy sex, but they are well made and you understand why these characters might fall for each other. I thought the film itself and its characters were believable. I know similar people or might have been in a similar situation.

I’m not sure if I liked the ending of The Delinquent Season though. That’s my biggest issue with the film, the ending just doesn’t work for me. You expect a certain happy ending or at least happy for these characters but ultimately you get left with questions about what’s going to happen to everyone. I won’t spoil the ending but I definitely didn’t see it coming. That’s a good thing I guess even if I didn’t love the exact ending. But if you like Cillian Murphy and realistic dramas then this is…


Written and Directed by: Mark O’Rowe
Producers: Alan Moloney and Ruth Coady
Cast: Cillian Murphy, Andrew Scott, Eva Birthistle, Catherine Walker, Lydia McGuinness, Joanne Crawford, Eva-Jane Gaffney, Ingrid Craigie
Run Time: 104 minutes
Not Yet Rated

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