More than 35 years ago, a low-budget horror movie roared across movie screens and changed the velocity of fear forever — and made a cult legend out of Bruce Campbell in his iconic role as the lethal, wisecracking Ash Williams. Now, for the first time, you can experience the ferocious ingenuity, relentless shocks, and gore-gushing havoc of the original Sam Raimi masterpiece in 4K!

What We Thought:

This 4K release of The Evil Dead came out a few weeks ago but there was a delay in mine. Now if you don’t think this movie is a horror essential then you and I probably can’t be friends. This iconic film made a star out of Bruce Campbell and director Sam Raimi would go on to be one of Hollywood’s “it” directors. So at this point you’ve either seen the movie and cherish it as the horror/comedy god it is or you’re lame.

The low-budget indie horror-comedy would go on to provide the blueprints of Cabin in the Woods horror films. Like Wes Craven’s The Hills Have Eyes, William Friedkin’s The Exorcist, John Carpenter’s Halloween and others, this is a movie we look to as the defining film of subgenre horror. What happens when kids go to a cabin in the woods and deal with supernatural activity? Well this tells you what and every similar film since has been a copycat. It would go on to spawn two sequels (The Evil Dead II and Army of Darkness) and more recently a TV show (Ash vs Evil Dead) which are all must sees as well.

As for this release, well 4K is the best the film’s ever looked. Although there is something funny about wanting this movie to look pristine and brilliant. It never looked perfect in the first place nor should it. It’s low-budget and total independent filmmaking so it was never supposed to be crystal clear. But the 4K does look bright and dark when it’s supposed to. It’s cleaned up and looks good and sounds really good as well. It is the best home release so far.

The Evil Dead is one of horror’s Mount Rushmore films. It made Bruce Campbell a nerd god and created a beloved franchise. This release is the best the film’s ever looked and the audio commentary is great as well. If you are a fan then there is nothing else to say besides..



Bruce Campbell Army of Darkness, TV’s “Ash vs Evil Dead,” “Burn Notice”

Ellen Sandweiss Evil Dead (2013), TV’s “Ash vs Evil Dead”

Richard DeManincor Crimewave, Morrow Road, Bong Fly

Betsy Baker Sharp Objects, Hand of God, Oz the Great and Powerful

Director Sam Raimi


  • · Audio Commentary with writer-director Sam Raimi, producer Robert Tapert, and star Bruce Campbell


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