Cleopatra Entertainment announces today that they have acquired the U.S. rights to the new horror film DEATH HOUSE. Directed by Harrison Smith and co-written by Smith and Gunnar Hansen, the film stars Adrienne Barbeau, Bill Moseley, Tony Todd, Dee Wallace, Barbara Crampton, Sid Haig, and Cody Longo. The film also features cameos from numerous iconic stars from past horror flicks – leading one critic to describe it as “the Expendables of the horror genre.” DEATH HOUSE will be released on multiple VOD platforms on November 6th, 2018.

DEATH HOUSE has been honored with multiple festival awards, including Best Feature at The Scare-A-Con Film Festival in Syracuse, and Best Feature Film at the Central Florida Film Festival.

The film follows the events that unfold inside a secret prison, known as Death House, after a power breakdown during an exclusive tour. Two agents are forced to fight through a labyrinth of horrors while being pursued by a ruthless army of roaming inmates. As they fight to escape, the agents push toward the lowest depths of the facility where they learn a supernatural group of evil beings is their only chance for survival.

The deal was brokered by Cleopatra Founder and CEO Brian Perera, Tim Yasui, VP/GM of Cleopatra Entertainment, and by Strath & Marcy Hamilton of TriCoast Worldwide on behalf of the filmmakers.

DEATH HOUSE will also be released on DVD on December 11th, 2018.

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