The documentary that explores the fascinating cast of characters behind Lucha VaVoom – an enthralling combination of high-octane Mexican wrestling, retro-style burlesque dancing, and witty commentary provided by Hollywood’s most celebrated comedians. Discover how this family of wildly creative and passionate performers from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, and gender orientations come together to create a unique shared experience. As the costumes, alter egos, and flamboyant performances are put on display, these masked marvels reveal their truest selves, offering up stories of perseverance, equality, and self-acceptance.

Distribution Company: TV4 Entertainment
VOD Release Date: October 16, 2018
Directed by: Ben Churchill
Starring: Joey Ryan, Marawa The Amazing, Cassandro el Exotico, Karis Wilde, Rita D’Albert, Violet Chachki
Running Time: 72 minutes
Film’s Official Websitehttps://www.luchavavoomfilm.com/

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