In the film, a deep-sea submersible—part of an international undersea observation program—has been attacked by a massive creature, previously thought to be extinct, and now lies disabled at the bottom of the deepest trench in the Pacific…with its crew trapped inside. With time running out, expert deep-sea rescue diver Jonas Taylor (Jason Statham) is recruited by a visionary Chinese oceanographer (Winston Chao), against the wishes of his daughter Suyin (Li Bingbing), to save the crew—and the ocean itself—from this unstoppable threat: a pre-historic 75-foot-long shark known as the Megalodon. What no one could have imagined is that, years before, Taylor had encountered this same terrifying creature. Now, teamed with Suyin, he must confront his fears and risk his own life to save everyone trapped below…bringing him face to face once more with the greatest and largest predator of all time.

What We Thought:

The Meg is pretty much what I expected it to be and I appreciate that. It’s over the top ridiculous with things that couldn’t possibly happen and I love it. Give me a giant shark terrorizing people and I’m there.

The first hour is a bit slow as it sets up the characters and plot. It starts out with an exploration of the deepest part of the ocean with new technology bringing people deeper than ever before. Of course in the deep they get attacked by a Megalodon and Jason Statham has to be brought in off the bar to rescue the researchers. The Meg escapes the deep and now it’s fight for their lives action and I was there for it! I wasn’t expecting much of a plot and once it gets away from the exploration angle, it goes off the rails and I’m happy it did. Don’t get me wrong, the first hour being a bit slow is still interesting and it doesn’t feel slow, but once The Meg starts attacking, that’s the movie we all want.

They get on a boat, drop a shark cage in the water and it’s time to grab your popcorn because it’s about to get bitey. Jason Statham was an Olympic caliber diver for England and even at his age, still has great form. This is the first time I remember seeing him in water situations like this and damn is he good. He has one dive off the boat that was flawless and it looks great because of his background. He may be known for driving cars and punching people, but after this, I want him in the water more often. If you are a fan of his, you’ll love this.

I also appreciate that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. I was worried they were going to blame the existence of this giant creature on Global Warming or nuclear power or something to beat a message into our heads. Nope, just an ancient fish so deep we didn’t know it existed until we went looking. Don’t give me a message or rules or guidelines in a giant killer fish movie and you will get high praise from me.

Because it doesn’t take itself seriously, you see influences of past movies in the film. Obviously a killer shark movie will have some kind of homage to the granddaddy of them all Jaws, but you can see shots and references from Piranha, Orca, and other creature features. I’m sure the more I watch it the more I’ll see as well.

My only real negative for the film is Ruby Rose. Her character is such a cliché. Because of her tattoos and look, she’s obviously the hacker type and wannabe bad ass. I haven’t liked her performances in anything to be honest and she’s the only thing I’d change about the film.

The Meg is one of those dumb movies that I truly enjoy. Calling it dumb isn’t a negative in my book. Sometimes you just want a ridiculously impossible movie to eat popcorn to while sitting in air conditioning. Could any of this happen? No, I’m pretty sure Mythbusters busted all of this in their Jaws episode. Do I care that none of this possible? Nope, not one bit. Now greenlight a sequel for two years from now.


Cast & Crew:

  • Jason Statham
  • Li Bingbing
  • Rainn Wilson
  • Ruby Rose
  • Winston Chao
  • Page Kennedy
  • Jessica McNamee
  • Masi Oka
  • Cliff Curtis

Recommended If You Like:

  • Jaws
  • Orca
  • Piranha
  • Jason Statham

2 thoughts on “Review: The Meg

    • I definitely wanted stupid, but fun. That was my issue with Skyscraper, it wasn’t as fun as it should have been. This is Jason Statham vs. a shark. That was The Rock vs. a skyscraper yet that took itself too seriously at times.


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