Not a lot for us this week so I’ll start with the best of the bunch, Operation Red Sea. Earlier this year I watched Wolf Warrior 2 which is one of the most over the top action movies I had seen in a while. Well this film might be even more ridiculous. But in my book, that’s a good thing. This latest Chinese action flick takes what I like from the 1980’s Hollywood action movies I grew up on and sets them in “based on real events” storytelling. This finds a terrorist organization trying to obtain nuclear materials and the greatest soldiers in the world must stop them! America’s Navy SEALs right? Nope, China’s Navy elite Jiaolong (Sea Dragon) Assault Team. Is the movie Chinese propaganda used to show how great their military is? Probably, but then again Rambo took down entire militaries single-handedly when I was a kid so I’m gonna let it slide. It has intense moments like Black Hawk Down and Lone Survivor with over the top action like Wolf Warrior 2. Yeah some of the CGI is laughably bad and man do the Chinese like their tank fights, but Hollywood is afraid to make movies like this because there’s no agenda (other than how great China’s military is). It’s a straight up, old school action flick and I’m 100% ok with that!

Second we have Keeping Faith which stars Eve Myles as Faith, a lawyer whose husband leaves for work one day and disappears. She’s on maternity leave and her husband just up and disappears. She’s immediately considered a suspect so she must investigate to find her husband and prove her innocence. Myles is great even if it’s a show I feel like has been done before. The lead investigator thinks Faith killed her husband because they were in financial trouble even though Faith didn’t know it. Faith finds secrets that her husband was keeping and as it unravels, we learn just how high up it all goes. The Welsh setting is gorgeous, but I’d be lying if I said they should have used subtitles because even though they are speaking English, some of the accents/words are hard to understand. It ends on a big surprise so I’m hoping there’s a second season though. It feels like a lot of similar shows, but because of the ending, I’d watch the next season play out.

Third we have The Three-Way Wedding. I’m not exactly sure the point of the film, but it feels sort of like a Woody Allen movie in ways, at least older Woody Allen. A playwright is hosting actors for his new show. The actress is his former wife. The actor is her fiance. His secretary is a young hot thing who he tries to turn into an actress so his ex-wife won’t do the show later on. There is a lot of talking, I mean a lot. It’s all pretty much one location, the playwright’s estate. His ex still wants him and thinks he should join her and fiance. He wants to be with his secretary who is decades younger than him. She doesn’t want anything to do with it at first. The actress wants to get with the secretary. There’s more talking and then it ends. Sure watching beautiful people be naked is easy, but what was I supposed to get out of this per se? There is more words than actions and it really feels like a 1970’s New York film about lovers and talented people and Woody Allen thinking he can sleep with all of them! It’s not a bad film, it’s well directed and acted, but I don’t know if I took away much or if I’d watch it again.

Last we have You Will Be Mine. This is also sort of a head scratcher, but at least it has an actual plot with characters doing more than just talking. This finds Marie, a promising young concert pianist, leaving home to study at a prestigious school. She moves in with a friend and there seems to be sexual tension immediately. Marie looks at Emma in ways she hasn’t looked at a woman before. But then it switches and it finds Emma obsessing over Marie. Marie gets a boyfriend, Emma doesn’t like that. Marie is trying to focus on being a pianist, but also goes out at times. It mixed things around at times, but I don’t know if it worked. The film overall works, but it seemed to forget that Marie was looking at Emma first. Emma makes advances, but Marie pushes her away then it goes off the rails at the end. Both leads are good as is the acting overall, but maybe I missed something in why it switched or maybe I took something earlier on differently than I was supposed to. Not bad though and I’d watch other movies these actresses are in.

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