“A Mediocre Time’ with Tom and Dan” was becoming a hit podcast…until corporate radio made them shut it down. Now, with their terrestrial radio jobs behind them, they will embark on their biggest event yet: showcasing their podcast at the Hard Rock Live! This intimate and often hilarious documentary showcases what it takes to put on a show that seems on the surface to be little more than penis jokes, musical breaks, and some seriously questionable news. But the beauty of it all, is that behind the mic these two dudes have become the poster men/children for striving to do what makes you happy…even in the face of total uncertainty.

What We Thought:

I was not familiar with A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan so I’m coming at the documentary A Mediocre Documentary With Tom and Dan strictly from a movie reviewer point of view and not as a fan. Obviously fans of Tom & Dan will enjoy it so what will someone who doesn’t know them get out of it?

Director Kirk Murray (no relation to me) had to find a balance between fans and new viewers to answer that question and I think he did. You get plenty of backstory on the two men, their podcast, their radio background, their families and their relationship with fans and the documentary works because of it. To me there are two kinds of documentaries, an agenda based/biased one made simply to push someone’s beliefs and the other kind like this one, a film to showcase someone/something to an audience that isn’t necessarily biased or at least isn’t pushing views/beliefs onto the viewer. Murray’s film gives you Tom & Dan and you either like them or you don’t.

On face value people might see the pair as simply shock jock type personalities. The 1990’s was the heyday of shock radio thanks to people like Howard Stern, but with today’s technology and being able to do a podcast anywhere in the world, we are starting to see more non-PC broadcasting. Me personally, I’m a fan of Drinkin’ Bros Podcast, The Ross Patterson Revolution and a few other podcasts that aren’t afraid to push some buttons and cater to a diehard fan base. Tom and Dan have a diehard fan base that have followed them from radio to podcasts and now to live events. This film shows there are still people who just want to have a good time, drink a beer, hear some crazy stories and enjoy life.

But the co-hosts are much more than just in your face loud mouths. They have families and relationships. The documentary shows us their wives and the effect leaving radio had on everyone involved. It takes balls to walk away from a contract in radio to strike out on your own. As much as the film is about the podcast and its Hard Rock Live! event, it’s also about taking risks and putting your own happiness above money (well to a degree). Is hating going into work every day, not being able to do/say what you want worth the paycheck? Can you make it on your own? What’s more important to you and your family? Having this storyline along with the insanity makes the film feel more personal and shows that the men are more than just personalities.

A Mediocre Documentary With Tom and Dan gives viewers an inside look at Tom and Dan and everything they’ve been through over the past few years. Even if you have no idea who they are, you should still be able to get something out of the documentary like I did. If you are a BDM (edited nickname of their fans), you’ll definitely enjoy this.

For more information about the film, visit its website: https://www.tomanddanmovie.com/


Cast & Crew:

  • Tom Vann
  • Daniel Dennis
  • Kirk Murray

Recommended If You Like:

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  • Drinkin’ Bros Podcast

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