Not a lot for us this week so I’ll start with my favorite of the few, The Heart Guy Series 2. The series is classic storytelling that combines fish-out-of-water with returning home storylines. Season 1 saw Hugh Knight (Rodger Corser), a high rolling doctor in Australia return to his quiet hometown to serve probation at their local facility. Corser’s Knight reminds me a lot of Cleaver Greene from Rake (another series I really enjoy). He’s cocky, thinks he’s smarter than everyone else, hates being back home and around his family. Yet the show has a lot of heart, quirky characters and a beautiful setting. Series 2 finds Meryl’s mayoral election hit with fraud, Penny has love life and family issues, a recount with the election, Hugh might have failed a drug test, Hugh’s estranged wife shows up from Las Vegas, and a lot more. I really enjoy the characters and the show is an easy binge. Almost every episode I find myself laughing at something. Besides laughs it has heart and relatable characters. I’ll keep watching the show when more seasons come my way.

Girlfriends Series 1 is next. Miranda Richardson, Phyllis Logan, and Zoë Wanamaker star as old friends reunited through hardship. Linda’s husband disappears while on a cruise. Sue is being forced out of the company she co-founded. Gail is going through a divorce and her son returns from prison. Linda is accused of killing her husband Micky. Other episodes find Linda accidentally OD’ing and ending up in the hospital. The three friends end up in Spain to identify a body and there’s a big reveal. The show is about characters of a certain age we don’t always see, especially in the US. It reminded me of Book Club a bit in that these characters aren’t supporting roles or just there to push a plot forward, but are actually the whole point of the series. It’s a well done series for adults and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Third we have The Endless. It is one of the best-reviewed films of the year with a 97% on Rotten Tomatoes which is shocking to me because I wouldn’t think 97% of people understood it. I certainly didn’t. Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson direct and star as two brothers who escape a cult but return there after receiving a VHS tape that has a message on it. I understand that part. What I didn’t understand was what was happening at the cult. There seemed to be a creature. There seemed to be pocket dimensions. Some of the cult members didn’t seem to age. Two characters and their story are from Moorhead and Benson’s first film Resolution. I don’t think I’ve seen their second film Spring so maybe some of those characters appear as well. It has a cool vibe to it, but I just didn’t get the movie at all. The time loops and pocket dimension things made no sense to me. The ending made no sense. If it was a bit more straight forward and the cult was murder-suiciding themselves to get on a space craft or something I could understand that, but too much of it confused me. If you watch it, let me know what you think happens.

Last we have The Addiction. This film is from 1995 and stars Lili Taylor, Christopher Walken,  Annabella Sciorra, Edie Falco, Michael Imperioli, Kathryn Erbe and more. It’s a black & white film from director Abel Ferrara and is one of the oddest vampire flicks you’ll ever see. Taylor plays a college student bitten by another student and doesn’t realize she’s a vampire right away. She gets a taste for blood and walks around New York City to get a fix for her new taste. It’s very New York with urban music like Cypress Hill and Russell Simmons was an executive producer on it. All that being said, I’m not even sure if I liked it. Walken of course is great and worked with Ferrara before on Bad Lieutenant, but something about it just didn’t do it for me. I didn’t love Ferrara’s The Driller Killer either but I can see this film having a cult following like that film. If you are a fan of the movie, this is the version to own. It’s gone through a 4K restoration, comes with commentary and a documentary made for this release plus interviews. So even though I may not have loved it, fans of the film will surely appreciate this release.

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