Light week this time around for us so I’ll start with Will & Grace The Revival Season One. It’s been over ten years since the show first went off the air and since reboots and remakes are Hollywood’s go to formula nowadays, the show returned and returned pretty triumphantly. I wasn’t sure if I’d like The Revival so I didn’t watch it when it aired. I liked the show when it had its first run, but would it be as good now? Catching it on DVD, it may not be as groundbreaking as before but it still has laughs. The chemistry between the core cast members, Eric McCormack, Debra Messing, Sean Hayes and Megan Mullally, is still there and that’s what works for me. They brought in a lot of guest stars and not all of them worked for me. One in particular I just can’t stand personally so it’s hard to enjoy his work nowadays. But you’re watching the show for Will, Grace, Jack & Karen and they are just as funny now as then. Some of the episodes have a political theme to them, but that seems to be all shows today. Plus it tackles concepts like Will dating a much younger man, Will and Grace sleeping with the same man, and parents connecting in ways no one wanted. If you missed it airing on TV, definitely pick up the DVD set. With more seasons to come, fans should be happy.

Orange is the New Black Season 5 is out on Blu-ray/DVD this week as well. It’s a show I don’t love, but has episodes I love. The season starts with a riot which opens the door for everything to happen in the season. Suzanne conducts a séance. The guards show off talent in Litchfield Idol. The inmates make the morning news. Chaos continues as the riots continue for days. I don’t go out of my way to watch the show until it hits home video because it’s just not one I love. There’s too many characters to really care about all of them. Fans of the show will enjoy this new release though. It has a big following and I know many people who enjoy it so just because I’m not that into it doesn’t mean it’s not very popular.

Third we have The Mimic. This Korean horror flick is good but I think there’s a better movie in there. A young girl is found in the woods and moves in with a family. The girl takes the same name as the daughter and the mother feels close to her after her other child went missing. Things start happening and no one is quite sure if the girl is human or not. The film at times is creepy with the young girl mimicking voices and what people are saying. The grandmother character is weirded out by the situation but has health issues and no one seems to take her seriously. The dad doesn’t like the girl wearing his missing child’s clothing. I don’t know if I understood the whole movie either. They explain it but I don’t know if it makes sense. I’m not familiar with “Tiger of Mt. Jang” which it is based on and I’m not the biggest fan of Asian supernatural/ghost horror either. But I’m sure people who do like things like The Ring will like it. It’s watchable but I don’t know if it completely worked for me.

Last is Menace & Murder: A Lynda La Plante Collection. This contains three projects from Lynda La Plante, 2 miniseries and one film. The best of the three to me is Mind Games starring Fiona Shaw. Shaw plays a former Irish nun turned serial killer profiler who helps an investigation. Two women are found tied up and killed. A third victim shows up but is a man. Shaw’s character isn’t fully believed by the police and it also features a young Chiwetel Ejiofor. The killer is a nice twist and it wraps up under two hours. Killer Net is from 1998 and it looks really dated. A psychology student becomes obsessed with a computer game about planning a murder and meets a mysterious woman who introduces him to weird sex and much more. The computer technology, the clothing and look of it looks much older than the 1990s. The big surprise is the student’s roommate is a young Paul Bettany! The third part is Supply and Demand about drugs, undercover cops and the like and is also from the late 1990s. Eammon Walker stars but the surprise is a young Benedict Wong (from Doctor Strange). It’s nothing we haven’t seen before and also feels/looks dated but it’s not bad. Mind Games was definitely my favorite of the three though.


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