Re-branded comedy powerhouse National Lampoon (“NL”) has partnered with Stage 32 to launch a brand new Comedy Screenwriting Competition for 2018. The winning feature-length script will receive a paid option of 18 months by National Lampoon, with the winning writer or team of writers put directly into their mentoring program.

In the history of comedy, few brands have had more distinct and original voices than National Lampoon. Founded by Harvard classmates and creative geniuses Doug Kenney and Henry Beard, NL launched the careers of John Belushi, Chevy Chase, Bill Murray, Gilda Radner, Christopher Guest, Harold Ramis, and groundbreaking writers including John Hughes. Beyond the socially satirical and irreverent magazine, the NL brand extended to stage shows, albums, books, and some of history’s most iconic feature film comedies including Animal House, Vacation, and Van Wilder.

Last year, PalmStar Media acquired all the assets of National Lampoon and co-CEO’s Raj B. Singh and Kevin Frakes are hell bent on rechristening the brand by launching a variety of modern humor content. In doing so, they are looking for the next great comedy screenwriter and they’ve turned to Stage 32 to partner with on this mission.

“We’ve admired Stage 32’s mission to help creatives from all over the world gain the knowledge, access and support necessary to succeed in this competitive industry. Additionally, Stage 32’s talent pool is undeniably the deepest anywhere online. We’re thrilled to join forces with them to honor our mission in finding and cultivating the next great comedic voices,” said Co-CEOs of National Lampoon Raj Singh & Kevin Frakes.

This contest is open to all comedy writers. With an eye for highlighting traditionally underrepresented voices, the National Lampoon & Stage 32 Comedy Screenwriting Competition is looking to identify and champion a screenwriter and their comedy feature script. Some of the best comedy finds its success in providing unique insight on something familiar; the humor, irony, or absurdity in an everyday experience is illuminated by some alternate perspective. Accordingly, the comedy landscape—across every medium—is its most rich, thought-provoking, and entertaining when it is inclusive.

Any writer or writing team may participate by submitting a completed feature-length comedy script they have written. For the purposes of this competition, they’re looking for scripts with an emphasis on social satire; but, comedy is otherwise defined broadly: dark comedies, dramedies, action comedies, horror comedies, and any other genre-hybrids are all welcome.

“National Lampoon is an iconic brand and I have a romantic attachment to so many of their films. To be working directly with Raj and Kevin to discover new talent to push forward their vision of the new National Lampoon is not only an honor and a privilege, but furthers the Stage 32 initiative of presenting all creatives with the tools and opportunities to be discovered,” said Stage 32 CEO Richard Botto.

In 2017, PalmStar Media Capital acquired National Lampoon, the most recognized brand in comedy and powerhouse entertainment company behind such films as Animal House, Van Wilder, and National Lampoon’s Vacation franchise. Managed by the principals of PalmStar—who’ve made 100 films including John Wick, Split, Sing Street, and Margin Call—with offices in LA and Philadelphia, the relaunched National Lampoon is taking a multimedia approach to revitalizing the famously irreverent, satirical voice across platforms ranging from feature films, tv, and digital content, to live events and podcasts. Aligned with its hallowed tradition of fearless social commentary, the new National Lampoon places a strong emphasis on championing the ideas and work of historically underrepresented creatives.

Established in 2011, Stage 32 has been described as “LinkedIn meets Lynda for film and television creatives” by Forbes Magazine. With over 500,000 members worldwide, Stage 32 is the world’s largest online platform connecting and educating film and television creatives. Stage 32 serves as an incubator of talent from it’s members who range from film students to Academy, Emmy, BAFTA and Tony award winners. Recognized as the online leader in networking and education, Stage 32 partnerships include the Cannes Film Festival Marche du Film, The American Film Market, AT&T, Peerspace and more.

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