Detectorists Series 3: To save up money for a place of their own, Andy (Mackenzie Crook) and his wife, Becky (Rachael Stirling), have moved in with Becky’s formidable mother (Diana Rigg), and Andy’s new position as an archaeologist is not the dream job he thought it would be. Lance (Toby Jones) worries that having his daughter live with him is causing problems for his girlfriend. And to top it off, Andy and Lance may lose their favorite detecting field to the construction of a new solar farm. This delightful comedy continues to unearth the hidden depths of those who call themselves ‘detectorists’.

East West 101 Series 2: The critically acclaimed drama returns with new perils for Detective Zane Malik (Don Hany, Serangoon Road), a Muslim Arab living in post-9/11 Australia. After a deadly car bomb goes off in a Sydney suburb, fear and suspicion thrive as the community blames it on Islamic extremists. However, Malik is not convinced it was a terrorist attack, and he joins a joint task force led by Agent Richard Skerritt (Gerald Lepkowski, The Death of Stalin). The investigation throws Malik into a high-stakes undercover mission targeting a suspected arms-dealer, but the job takes him away from his family and even threatens their safety. Meanwhile, Malik’s boss, Inspector Patricia Wright (Susie Porter, Janet King), deals with a personal crisis that stirs up painful memories from her past.

What We Thought:

Detectorists is easily one of the quirkiest shows of the past 20 years. Who knew you could base a show around metal detecting? Detectorists Series 3 is the final season.

I’m a big Toby Jones fan but the show wouldn’t work without the entire cast. Everyone has great chemistry, especially 3 series in, and every episode has heart and laughs. It can be super dry humor at times and laugh out loud right after.

Series 3 sees a solar farm, more and more Roman coins, Lance getting seasick on his girlfriend’s houseboat, trying to save a tree, buying a cottage and a truce between treasure hunters.

Detectorists Series 3 is an easy binge and quite enjoyable. If you are a fan of the show, definitely check out Series 3. It’s a shame there won’t be more episodes.

I didn’t love East West 101 Series 1. It felt like most cop procedurals except the lead is a Muslim cop living in Australia. After watching East West 101 Series 2, it’s more of the same. It opens with a car bomb which finds Zane Malik working with National Security. Malik goes undercover to prove it wasn’t terrorism. While undercover he is tasked to put a hit on a man who killed a terrorist’s girlfriend. Malik has wife issues and more.

Even though I don’t love the show, it’s ok enough to watch from time to time. I wouldn’t go out of my way to watch it, but I don’t mind watching it when the DVDs come in. There are other cop shows out there that are much better, but I’ll give it credit for trying something different with a Muslim Arab lead.

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