Inventive blackmail schemes, flamboyant gangsters, power politics, greed, evangelicals and sex collide in this action packed dark comedy heist.

What We Thought:

Carter & June is a solid heist flick with a hilarious performance from Timothy Omundson. It doesn’t try to be anything it’s not and it works because of it.

The underrated Michael Raymond-James (The Finest Hours, Terriers) plays a small time crook named Carter trying to make a better life for himself and the girl he likes, June. Omundson plays a gay, small time strip club owner that MRJ owes money to. A job goes wrong, the cops, higher-ups and a wannabe preacher all want a piece of the money and some photos that can bring down a lot of people.

I’m a pretty big fan of Michael Raymond-James and I really like him in roles like this. He handles them with ease and is very believable. Sure he’s a crook, but he’s a good guy and you root for him. Even though he’s trying to steal some bearer bonds, he’s doing it for the right reasons and stealing from bad people. He’s great in these anti-hero type roles.

But the scene stealer is Timothy Omundson. His performance is hilariously over the top. From the way he dresses to how he says titty bar and dealing with the strippers, Omundson is simply great. Omundson is a chameleon of an actor and does such a wide array of characters and this is yet another great one for him. Plus he has fantastic hair.

Carter & June is one of those nice, little films we don’t get enough of lately. Everything is blockbusters and tent poles and films like this fall through the cracks. I hope it finds an audience because Raymond-James and Omundson are both fine actors and it’s an easy enough story to follow along with and enjoy.

Cast & Crew:

  • Michael Raymond-James
  • Timothy Omundson
  • Samaire Armstrong


One thought on “Review: Carter & June

  1. Nice review! I’ve been looking for a review of this film. I’d like to share it on my blog, if that’s okay with you. I’ll link to your page and give you proper credit. It will post on Wednesday, May 23. Thanks!

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