Kindhearted construction boss Gabriel Cauvy lives with his wife, Rebecca, and daughter, Luna, in Sainte Lune, a picturesque but struggling village in Brittany, France. One day, Gabriel notices his wife behaving strangely, and hours later she is killed in a car wreck. Amid his grief, Gabriel also contends with the bizarre circumstances of the crash. Why was Rebecca’s car stopped in the middle of the road, facing the wrong way? Why did she have an empty bottle of vodka in the passenger seat when she didn’t drink liquor? Was it truly an accident? Or could it have been something more sinister?

When the police and the rest of Sainte Lune blame Rebecca for the crash, Gabriel determines to clear her name. But as he starts his own investigation, the residents of his quaint little town all seem to be hiding something—and the search for the truth is more dangerous than he could have imagined.

What We Thought:

The Accident is a pretty solid drama out of France. It holds your attention enough that I binged the episodes over two days. There are all kinds of turns and twists set in a nice backdrop.

Gabriel loses his wife in a car accident. A few other locals died when hitting her car and the town blames her for being drunk. Gabriel knows Rebecca doesn’t drink like that and when one of her friends also shows up dead, he starts to investigate things when the local police don’t believe him. As he unravels his wife’s accident, everything from counterfeit clothing and money owed to a gangster is revealed.

Each episode adds to the story and keeps you guessing. You know from the first episode that there is much more involved, but you don’t expect as many layers. I’m not that familiar with Bruno Solo, but he is good as Gabriel. He wants to protect his daughter, grieve his wife and figure out who is behind her death. With only a handful of episodes, the writing and pacing is taught and it’s easy to watch quickly.

I can definitely see this getting remade in the States. A small town, a couple of deaths, everyone involved, you can base it in almost any small coastal town. It reminded me of Broadchurch which was remade as Gracepoint in the US. Both this and Broadchurch have similar tones, a small town vibe, more people being involved than first believed so if you liked that British show, you’ll like this French one.

What I liked about The Accident the most is that it’s not just a cop/detectives how. Gabriel is clearly the lead and yes there are cops and an investigation involved, but the story and Gabriel’s drive is what pushes the show, not the police. Because of that, the show has a different type of crime drama feel to it. It’s a nice break from the typical police procedural.

Recommended If You Like:

  • Broadchurch
  • Gracepoint

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