A coming-of-age adventure, IN SEARCH OF FELLINI follows Lucy (Ksenia Solo,”Orphan Black,” “Turn: Washington’s Spies”), a small-town girl from Ohio who discovers the delightfully bizarre films of the legendary Italian filmmaker and sets off on a journey across Italy to find him. IN SEARCH OF FELLINI is inspired by the experiences of Emmy® Award-winning star Nancy Cartwright, who before creating the voice of Bart Simpson went off hunting the auteur of La Strada. This winsome drama, from Spotted Cow Entertainment, also starring Maria Bello (Prisoners, A History of Violence) and Mary Lynn Rajskub (Wilson, “24”).

What We Thought:

After watching In Search of Fellini I tweeted that Ksenia Solo was just delightful in the film. Delightful and charming are the two best words to describe the movie. It’s a nice little coming of age story with a great performance from Solo (who I’m embarrassed to admit I’m not overly familiar with).

Solo plays a young Ohio woman who doesn’t have much life experience. Her mother (Maria Bello) has sheltered her and when her mother gets sick, she sets out to find herself. After discovering Fellini at a film festival after a job interview gone terribly wrong, Lucy (Solo) heads out to Italy to meet Federico Fellini. Leaving her sheltered life behind, she eats, drinks and falls in love during her tour of self discovery.

I’m sure I’ve seen Ksenia Solo in other things, but she did not look familiar to me. She’s pretty fantastic in this. She is just delightful in her naiveté and wide-eyed opening look at the world. She’s adorable and you root for her throughout her journey. Maria Bello is always good whether it’s a lead or supporting performance. I know Mary Lynn Rajskub from 24 and comedy, but she’s also very good here. She’s the aunt everyone wants, the single aunt who pushes you out the door to figure out life. Her description of Fellini films also made me laugh out loud.

Nancy Cartwright, of my beloved The Simpsons, paints a story that many will want to follow. The free spirit in you will want to jump in a plane and explore Italy. The backdrops are breathtaking and you feel like you’re walking with Lucy on her trip.

Even if you know nothing of the works of Federico Fellini, In Search of Fellini should have you rooting for Lucy and wanting to explore your own life. It’s a nice little film we don’t get too often nowadays. If you are tired of the over the top theatrical releases, check this out. It is…


Cast & Crew:

  • Ksenia Solo
  • Maria Bello
  • Mary Lynn Rajskub
  • Nancy Cartwright
  • Beth Riesgraf

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