When Sarah Manning’s husband, Lee, is killed while on business in Montreal, her life back in Dublin starts to spin out of control. Sarah soon realizes she knew little about her husband’s past or his job at a powerful international pharmaceutical company. Assigned to the case, Detective Emer Byrne (Angeline Ball, Shameless [UK]) doggedly investigates the conflicting evidence, even in defiance of her superior’s order. As more lies surface, Sarah begins to suspect that Lee’s murder could be connected to the death of her first husband. Did both men know a terrible secret that got them killed?

Also starring Morten Suurballe (The Killing [Denmark]) and Lisa Dwyer Hogg (The Fall), this gripping international thriller follows Sarah’s high-stakes fight for the truth amidst a conspiracy of corporate, police, and political interests.

What We Thought:

Acceptable Risk is a solid crime drama out of Ireland. There are a lot of layers to it that at first seem overly complicated, but ultimately it works and ends well.

There are just enough episodes to tell the story without it feeling dragged out at the same time. Sarah’s second husband Lee, an American, is found dead in Montreal on a business trip. Her first husband had died by drowning while drunk. None of it seems connected at first, but they had worked for the same company as did Sarah. The worldwide conglomerate plays a bigger role in all of it than Sarah thought.

As the pieces unravel and Sarah finds out some secrets about Lee you start to question just how relevant most of it is and if they are complicating the story for no reason. But it does all work and isn’t there just to confuse viewers.

I also enjoyed the location. I’m dying to go to Ireland and this show does well to show a different side of the country. It’s more the professional/business side and not the touristy areas you always see. I liked that. You get a feel for the working/business class lifestyle.

If you like Irish and/or British crime dramas you will like Acceptable Risk. It was an easy binge and I finished it in two nights because it held my attention enough to keep going. The acting is solid, the location is great and the story makes sense. Recommended.

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