Minifigures.com is a UK-Based site that offers great custom-printed minifigures for use with all of your Lego and Lego-Compatible sets. In their store they offer a great range of options, from  45th United States President Donald Trump, to Kaneda, to Mr. T, to Bruce Lee, and many more. From political figures, celebrities, and well-known chefs, to assorted characters from TV, movies, and video games. All of the minifigs are high quality, and custom-printed in detail, and come with matching accessories.


If you want a run of custom minifigures for an event, for promotional purposes, or even as an army-builder for your personal collection, they also offer the ability to design and order your own. They have a minimum order of 50 figures. BUT it is still a cool service to have offered.

Today, I am taking a look at Minifigures.com’s The Blockfather minifigure. The figure is obviously modeled after The Don Vito Corleone from Part One and Part Two of Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather Trilogy, played by Marlon Brando. It comes in the great, resealable packaging that Minifigures.com uses. I love the packaging, because you can take the minifigure out and play with it, or use it for displays, but then put it back in to display it in the packaging. So you CAN have your cake and eat it too.

As with all Minifigures.com minifigures, The Blockfather has a little bio on the back of the packaging, incorporating aspects of the character, but adding Lego details, like this one mentions needing minifigures disassembled. There is also a little blurb talking about details of the minifigure itself.

This minifigure perfectly captures The Don’s iconic tuxedo. The detailing on his face is great, it is almost too much detailing! I love the accessory they included, a flat with a contract entitled ‘An Offer You Can’t Refuse” printed on it. That made me laugh, as that is probably one of the most quoted lines from the movie.

As with some of the minifigs wearing suits from Minifigures.com, this one is only printed on the front of the torso. It didn’t get the full 360 print like most of their minifigures get. Any extra printing would have been unnecessary, I just like noting these things.

Overall, a great minfigure. With Minifigures.com, I am always impressed, and never disappointed. They really make some great custom minifigs.

If you are interested in getting your own crime boss to rule the streets in Legoville, go check out Minifigures.com, also follow them on Facebook and Twitter!

Now if you’ll excuse me, The Don requires my presence at his meeting.

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