One of the world’s most popular podcasts, Drinkin’ Bros, goes on a raucous live tour.

What We Thought:

Sophomoric. Childish. Low brow. Those are words you can use to describe¬†Drinkin’ Bros Live: The Shaved Eagle Tour. I say YOU can use them because I won’t. Why? Because I have a sense of humor and have to rely on spell check to spell fascist because I don’t believe I’ve ever used that word before in my entire life.

If you aren’t familiar with the Drinkin’ Bros podcast, it is a group of military vets and filmmaker/writer Ross Patterson discussing everything from booze, women, guns, war, politics, food and more. This documentary shows the guys on tour doing a live show with music, booze, audience participation and maybe a bit too much personal information! I listen to the podcast and Ross Patterson’s The Ross Patterson Revolution podcast so I was looking forward to the film. I follow most of the guys on social media, watch their videos, seen their film Range 15 and overall enjoy what they have to say and stand for.

I thought Mat Best stood out the most in Range 15. He has leading man looks and charisma through the roof, but in The Shaved Eagle Tour, I thought Jarred “JT” Taylor stole the film. He sings the national anthem before the show and the man can genuinely sing. Watching him travel and just demolish burgers and other food on the way makes me feel like he’s a kindred spirit. Every member gets laughs, but JT seemed to get the most laughs out of me. Although Jack Mandaville’s Strike Force Energy fairy costume made me laugh out loud.

The guys talk about their favorite episodes of the podcast, everything from the first episode to the episode where two strangers had sex. They discuss if they would get oral sex from a clone of themselves. Oral sex was a big topic of conversation especially how often they would perform it on the same sex for a million dollars each time. If you understand terms like gender binary and CIS, this film is not for you.

But to me the best part of the show was the audience participation. The podcast is usually shot with just the guys talking, this live show got their fans involved. They answered and asked questions from the likes of a Viking looking dude, Benjamin who might have come out to Ross Patterson and a female fan who didn’t seem turned off by the idea of group butt sex. The guys seem honored to have the fans they have and go out of their way to support their fans whether veteran or civilian.

Drinkin’ Bros Live: The Shaved Eagle Tour is a great way to see your favorite Drinkin’ Bros outside their studio. Mat, Ross, JT, Vincent, Evan and the gang have great improv skills even without training. They have natural comedic timing and great chemistry. So grab yourself a Leadslingers whiskey, put a few squirts of Strike Force in your Black Rifle coffee, sit back and laugh for an hour and a half and let the world be too serious later. RIP Harambe and JonBenet!

Cast & Crew:

  • Ross Patterson
  • Mat Best
  • Jarred Taylor
  • Vincent Vargas
  • Evan Hafer
  • Jessie Wiseman
  • Jack Mandaville

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