An odd mix of new releases this week for us. First is 1980’s horror flick Slaughter High. I thought I had seen this movie back in the day, but after watching it, it really wasn’t familiar. The storyline is similar to other films, but I hadn’t actually seen this movie before. It’s very dated, but still a cool flick to check out if you haven’t seen it and a great addition to the collection if you remember it. A nerd is bullied in high school and ends up badly burned by an accident. A group of kids get invited to their high school reunion, but when they show up, the school is closed and falling apart. They slowly realize something’s fishy and start getting killed off as Marty the Nerd gets his revenge. There are some great kills in the movie and it reminds me of why this time period was the king of slasher flicks. There is nudity, people partying and murder. That’s what I want in horror, not today’s crap of paranormal ghosts and doors opening. It has some great bonus features as well including commentary, interviews, featurettes, and more. If you like old school horror check this one out for sure.

Next is Humans 2.0. This is the Uncut UK Edition. Season 2 starts with the rise of the machines for lack of a better term. It finds the synths gaining consciousness one at a time. Niska gives herself up and wants to go on trial as a human would. The Hawkins are dealing with family issues. A group knows the synths are gaining feelings and try to eradicate them. Season 2 sees the introduction of Carrie-Anne Moss as well. The easiest comparison is to Westworld. Westworld is more a recreational land whereas this takes place in the real world, but the synths becoming sentient is similar. I wasn’t familiar with the show but I was able to watch Season 1 before starting 2.0. If you are familiar, definitely watch 2.0 if you haven’t already. If you don’t know the show but like Westworld, Phillip K. Dick stories or science fiction in general, you should like this.

Third is Broken Sword Hero, a story about a Muay Thai hero. This is based on a real person, but I have no idea how accurate it is. Even if it’s inaccurate I don’t really care because it has some great action sequences. I’m not familiar with the lead, but I could see him being the next Tony Jaa. He’s in ridiculous shape and does some great fighting. There is a lot of a quality hand to hand fighting and group fighting as well. It’s a period piece, but not like a Chinese epic where you have no idea what’s going on. This is easy to follow but still has the production value and great costuming you expect. I liked this quite a bit.

Fourth is Person to Person and the movie is simply not for me. I should have known not to watch this because it has Michael Cera in it and I have personal issues with him. The movie wants to be a New York, on the street, Woody Allen/Edward Burns type movie and it is, but it’s not good. Not one character is worth paying attention to. One guy is an old hipster who collects vinyl albums and gets a new shirt that he asks everyone about. I don’t care about your stupid shirt you hipster d-bag! Michael Cera plays a “journalist” but is more a paparazzi who takes a woman under his belt. One girl looks like a boy and has the weirdest voice that distracted me every time she spoke. There’s a scene with her and a friend talking about penises on their phone. I didn’t get it. I didn’t like a single character. I didn’t understand the point of the movie whatsoever. Just not for me.

Last we have Richard Simmons Sweatin’ to the Oldies 30th Anniversary Edition. We make fun of Richard Simmons, but the guy has helped way more people than you and I put together. Sweatin’ to the Oldies got people off their couches and helped them get healthier in a fun way. Long before P90X, Tae Bo and other fads, Richard Simmons got people dancing and burning calories. It wasn’t extreme like some at home workouts, but that was the point. It was for older people who needed a boost. This six disc collection features five discs of over 40 workout routines. There are bonus features with success stories that I liked the most. The booklet that comes with this collection also features personal photos of some of his most successful people. The collection is filled with all the music you expect and love, but it’s the personal touches that make it worth it. If you need to upgrade your VHS tapes to DVD to sweat to oldies, this is the collection for you.

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