Just a few new releases this week for us. First is Midsomer Murders Series 19 Part 2. This features two mysteries in the collection. The first finds a woman killed during a Jane Austen style re-enactment/getaway. Just like every great Austen tale, there is much more to it than a simple murder. A local family is trying to get a new retreat off the ground by hosting Jane Austen style dinners, events, dances and more. The murdered woman was looking into someone’s past which may have something to do with the couple hosting the event. Another company is trying to get a drone company going that delivers medicine. Footage from a drone picked up two people together and there is blackmail, love and everything in between. The second mystery finds a young musician killed by his own violin string. He had won an award that another musician should have received. The winner may not have been who he claimed and a long lost brother could also be involved. Both are classic mysteries in the long running Midsomer Murders franchise.

Next is Mind Blown, a science-fiction/comic book style SyFy film. I believe this aired on SyFy and feels like a comic book movie more than anything else. Think The Gifted meets SyFy production level. A government project called Project Mind Blown uses people with special abilities for good or at least that’s what they are told. There’s a secret plan to use them in ways they don’t like. The woman who holds the group together, Jennifer, destroys a small town with her powers but feels a presence there, another person with abilities. She escapes to find the man who doesn’t believe anything about it and even asks if he’s a mutant like in comic books. The special effects are what you expect from these movies. There’s tons of post-production CGI and people with abilities using their hands to throw lightning bolts, fire, water and more. I have a soft spot for cheesy disaster movies so I didn’t mind it. The average person will hate it and laugh at it, but I’ve watched so many of these movies I like them. Accept it for what it is and you’ll have fun with it.

Third is Where’s The Money. This stars Andrew Bachelor, Logan Paul, Method Man, Mike Epps and Terry Crews and like the previous movie, is exactly what you expect it to be. Bachelor plays a kid from South Central who learns his father (Epps) and uncle (Crews) stole a million dollars and hid it in a basement. The house has been turned into a frat house and Bachelor goes “undercover” to join the frat and find the money. The hilarity ensues. Or at least they try to call the movie funny. I laughed at it and not with it. I love Crews but even as a bad guy I just wasn’t feeling the movie. It’s so stereotypical and full of clichés and cliched characters. As the “black guy” in the white frat house, there’s all kinds of garbage jokes about slavery and political correctness. I’m probably supposed to know who Logan Paul is, but I don’t. The only one I kinda laughed at was Josh Brener. If you know the younger cast the movie is clearly for you. I know Crews and Epps so the movie wasn’t for me.

Next is The Carol Burnett Show: Carol’s Lost Christmas. I’m sure this has been available somewhere before, but I like these collections. I like that they show them as they originally aired. It gives these sets a great vibe to them. This has three episodes and my favorite part was the toys for kids. It’s not as crazy as the Dan Aykroyd skits on Saturday Night Live, but it’s just as funny. Of course it has a ton of guests and Christmas songs. Even with Christmas episodes they still poked fun at politicians like Richard Nixon, celebrities and world events, but it was classy and didn’t beat you over the head with an agenda. These are classic and timeless unlike today’s TV.

Next we have Blood Feast. This is a 1963 film about a caterer killing Florida women to awaken an Egyptian goddess. I had never heard of the movie, but I can see people going crazy over this release. It has some good kills and the story is pretty original, but it definitely feels dated. I’m sure it’s a cult flick to someone out there and this also has Scum of the Earth on it. That is a black & white film which feels very relevant today with all the sexual harassment/abuse allegations happening. A teenage girl needs money for school and decides to do some modeling. Of course the men involved are perverts taking nude photos of the models and selling them. Her and other girls are forced into taking photos or doing more that they don’t want to do. The film came out in 1963 and over 50 years later it’s still happening.

Last we have The Good Catholic. It’s a dark comedy about a Catholic priest who never questioned his faith until a woman shows up to confessional and says she’s dying. He befriends her and lines are blurred. Zachary Spicer plays the priest and Wrenn Schmidt is the woman who shakes up his life. John C. McGinley steals the movie though as the Indiana basketball loving, carb eating smoker who gets all the best lines and biggest laughs. Danny Glover is the straight-laced priest who questions Spicer’s decision making. I don’t think I loved the open ending, but I guess it’s to leave it open to interpretation. The movie won’t wow people, but it’s a nice little flick with a good cast.

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