Gold Ambush with Kevin Hart Delivers Unique Fusion of Strategy and Action, Combining City Builder and Endless Runner Genres; Kevin Hart and Family are Playable Characters; Available Now in the App Store

Hollywood and stand-up comedy megastar Kevin Hart, in collaboration with StandUp Digital, announced the release of Gold Ambush with Kevin Hart, available now for free in the App Store. This dynamic new strategy game, originally discovered by Kevin Hart’s children, features a unique blend of running and building as players secure land from oncoming attackers with ingenious traps. Players can also engage competitively with others around the world to raid bases, avoid traps that steal loot, and strengthen their castle.

Gold Ambush with Kevin Hart combines one-touch running and city-building gameplay into an action-packed adventure. Kevin and his family are among the playable heroes in Gold Ambush with Kevin Hart. The inspiration to become integrated characters in the game came from Kevin’s children, Heaven and Hendrix. Kevin, his two children and wife Eniko are all featured in the game.

“Games are such a big part of my kids’ lives and the things we do together and it was the kids that turned me on to an early version of Gold Ambush,” Hart said. “To then be able to tell them that they would be in the game and have all these powers was an amazing gift to give them. At the same time, I think we’ve created a game that people are going to really enjoy so it was the best of both worlds.”

Players begin their quest building and fortifying a castle with deviously placed traps to ward off incoming invaders in nearby forests and city zones. Players can also return the volley by storming enemy bases for resources if they can successfully overcome their traps first.

“Gold Ambush with Kevin Hart is an ambitious title that brings together the biggest comedy star on the planet and the best of mobile gaming,” remarked Sergei Dubograev, CEO of Pinxter Digital. “We are eager for Kevin’s fans and gamers worldwide to run in and get that gold!”

Gold Ambush with Kevin Hart centers on the namesake’s precious, sought out metal. Gold coins are earned in game or acquired through in-app purchases and can be used to buy valuable huts, maze extensions for traps, character customizations, shields, power-ups, and additional upgrades for their base.

Download the game and #GetThatGold!

Kevin Hart has partnered with StandUp Digital, a celebrity mobile entertainment company focused on creating innovative and integrated mobile gaming experiences. StandUp Digital’s first release is Gold Ambush with Kevin Hart.


About Pinxter Digital:

As winners of the “Top Lifestyle Application” by iTunes, Pinxter Digital is the pioneer and provider of the AaaS™ or ‘Apps as a Service’ approach to mobile app development. With a built-up library of over 2,500 dynamic frameworks, these developers create fully custom apps for celebrities, businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs much faster and with far greater efficiencies. Large upfront costs are eliminated in favor of an easily budgeted monthly service agreement, a sharp contrast from competitors. It is the unique and fully-integrated partnerships Pinxter establishes with clients that build a new kind of involvement and support brands crave when wanting to launch an app. In 2015 they partnered with PolyPlay Inc to create their gaming division and have brought on executives Pavel Paratov (Chief Innovation Officer) and Alex Mamontov (Chief Creative Officer) to lead the production of the games. The company provides their expertise in the initial ideation phase, guidance throughout the development phase, and continued dedication thereafter for launch strategies and all ongoing updates. Believe them when they say, “Others do apps. We do apps better.”


About StandUp Digital:

StandUp Digital is a celebrity mobile entertainment powerhouse priding themselves on creating “high quality games with high quality people.” The world-class gaming studio offers an endless assortment of gaming styles and abilities available through all mobile platforms including AR and VR. They develop new and innovative experiences celebrities and brands can share with their fans and consumers, expanding their presence and generating revenue in completely new spaces. The company is powered by a merging of two strong forces – Award-winning app developers, Pinxter Digital, and elite mobile game developers, Poly Play.

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