Fuego Box is a hot sauce of the month club focused on craft & small-batch hot sauces. According to the website Fuego Box was created by a guy who went down the hot sauce rabbit hole. It started with an early Tapatío obsession and advanced with the likes of Cholula, Crystal, and Sriracha. After that, things really got crazy… Bhut jolokia and African fatalii peppers; locally harvested, hand-bottled hot sauces; and unique and delicious flavors that go with just about every kind of food.

Their subscription service offers 3 options. There is: “Dip Your Toe In” where you get one bottle of hot sauce a month,  “Sauce Lover” which will see 3 bottles shipped to you quarterly, and finally, the obvious best option “Sauce Addict” that will have 3 bottles arriving on your doorstep monthly. In addition to the subscription options, Fuego Box also has a store on the website, so you can order specific bottles, which will be handy if you get a bottle in one of your boxes you really enjoy.

A little while back, I received a Fuego Box. I spent some time trying out the different sauces on various foods, before writing this very tasty review.

When the Fuego box arrived, it obviously stood out from the other mail. The design of the package is simple, but definitely eye-catching due to the color.

The inside of the box is much like the outside, simple but effective. The bottles are in the box in such a way they don’t clack together in shipping, but it is pretty easy to see the contents as soon as the box is opened, giving a real nice presentation.

Resting on top of the bottles of hot sauce were a card that contained info about the sauces in the box, and a 33 Drops Of Hot Sauce Pocket Hot Sauce tasting journal. A copy of this journal is included in the first Fuego Box a subscriber receives. Inside, each page has a space for you to write the name and notes for every hot sauce you try, as well as a little square to put a drop of the described hot sauce in. Also, cool little note, each of these journals is made from recycled paper, and the ink contains a little hot sauce.

And now onto the sauces!! After taking out the card and the journal, this was my view. I couldn’t wait to try out these sauces.

First off, I pulled out 3 packets of Palo Alto Firefighters Habanero Hot Sauce. At around a medium heat level, this simple recipe sauce has a really good taste. I had put some on a plain taco, and it really added a nice flavor.  What is really interesting about this sauce is it was originally only available to firefighters in Palo Alto, and now that is available to the public, the proceeds also all go to the Palo Alto Firefighters Charitable Fund. If nothing else, you should at least grab some packets or a bottle from the Fuego Box store, as it tastes good, and the money goes to a good cause.

Next up is a 5.5 Oz bottle of Zana Sauce. The in-house sauce of Fuego Box, it was created by the founder, Mike. This sauce is also about medium heat. I really enjoy the flavor of this one on a burger, and my girlfriend loves putting it on her quesadillas, but as their website says, it goes well on every meal. Which to an extent CAN be said about all hot sauces, but some are just that little bit more versatile than others, and this one is definitely a good utility hot sauce.

The next bottle is 5 oz of Frankie V’s Spooky White Hot Sauce. I really like the label on this one, kind of reminds me of old timey medicine bottles. The heat level for this one is listed as being hot, but it really kind of treads the line between medium and hot. The flavor is pretty good although a little oniony, and the vinegar is a little too present. I really liked using this on my hot dogs the most.

Now last, but certainly not least, my favorite out of the box, a 5 oz bottle of Born To Hula Ghost Of Ancho Hot Sauce. I really enjoyed this sauce. It is listed as hot, and this sauce does bring the heat. It is made of a habanero sauce that has had smoked Bhut jolokia peppers (ghost peppers) added to it that not only add heat, but bring an excellent smokey flavor to this sauce. It’s smokey, it’s a little sweet, and the heat kind of hits you twice, you get the initial kick, then it sneaks up and hits you again. I loved it. I put it on everything for a week straight. My favorite thing I did with it though, was when I used it to make some hot wings. Those were the best, and probably the hottest, wings I’ve had. Sadly, my bottle is running low, but I will be ordering a replacement from the Fuego Box store.

I really enjoyed my Fuego Box. It is great for fans of hot sauces, especially ones who are tired of the same old selection at the grocery store. I highly recommend it. And, if you aren’t into subscription boxes (what’s wrong with you?), then check out their store and order some bottles directly. This was definitely the most delicious review I have done yet!

Check Out FUEGO BOX:

Fuego Box Website: https://www.fuegobox.com/
Fuego Box Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fuegoboxco
Fuego Box Twitter: https://twitter.com/fuegobox
Fuego Box Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/fuegobox/
Fuego Box Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fuegobox/

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