An irreverent ensemble musical comedy with heart and soul, OPENING NIGHT stars Topher Grace (Spider-Man 3, Interstellar), Anne Heche (Six Days Seven Nights, Donnie Brasco), and NSYNC’s JC Chasez. It will be released in the U.S. on DVD via Wolfe Video on August 1.

In this madcap theatre-themed film, Topher Grace shines as a failed Broadway producer who must wrangle an eccentric cast and crew of a new production, to save the show’s opening night.

Filled with witty musical numbers (including pop classics such as “Rock Me Amadeus,” “Living La Vida Loca,” “I Melt With You” and “I Know What Boys Like”) and plenty of heart, OPENING NIGHT follows the cast and crew of the musical, and all the drama and excitement that happens behind the scenes of a live theater performance. A feature narrative debut by acclaimed music video director Isaac Rentz.

Stage manager Nick (Topher Grace) has the odds stacked against him backstage on opening night of the new Broadway Musical “One Hit Wonderland.” He must corral the eccentric cast and crew after learning that Chloe (Alona Tal) had a drunken fling with the star, JC Chasez (yes, NSYNC’s JC Chasez). From prima donna back-up dancer (Taye Diggs), to a temperamental producer (Rob Riggle), to his leading lady (Anne Heche) suffering one accident after another, Nick makes sure ‘the show must go on’ in this R-rated musical comedy.

Directed by: Isaac Rentz
Produced by: Alex Garcia, Topher Grace, Daniel Posada, Jason Tamasco
Written by: Gerry De Leon, Greg Lisi
Starring: Topher Grace, Anne Heche, Alona Tal, JC Chasez, Lauren Lapkus, Taye Diggs, Paul Scheer, Rob Riggle, Brian Husky, Lesli Margherita
Distributed by: Wolfe Video (DVD RELEASE ONLY)

Comedy / Romance / Musical * 83 min * USA * Color * English

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