THE LAST KNIGHT shatters the core myths of the Transformers franchise, and redefines what it means to be a hero. Humans and Transformers are at war, Optimus Prime is gone. The key to saving our future lies buried in the secrets of the past, in the hidden history of Transformers on Earth. Saving our world falls upon the shoulders of an unlikely alliance: Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg); Bumblebee; an English Lord (Anthony Hopkins); and an Oxford Professor (Laura Haddock). There comes a moment in everyone’s life when we are called upon to make a difference. In TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT, the hunted will become the heroes. Heroes will become villains. Only one world will survive: theirs, or ours.

What We Thought:

Let me start by saying I did not like the first four Transformers films. I grew up with the original cartoon and toys in the 1980s and never once thought Michael Bay captured the characters properly. Needless to say I wasn’t looking forward to the latest film. So what did I think of Transformers: The Last Knight? It’s just like the first four.

My biggest issue with the franchise is that it’s all style over substance. I never know what’s going on nor do I really care. It’s loud, a bunch of robots (who you can’t always tell apart) fight each other and there’s some humans involved. Like the last film, this one has Mark Wahlberg in the lead.

This film starts in ancient times with King Arthur and Merlin doing battle with bad guys. Merlin is a drunk who uses “magic” he got from a Transformer that crashed on Earth. They become victorious and the Knights of the Round Table join forces with Transformer Knights to protect Earth. A powerful staff is hidden for centuries, but Megatron and Quintesson want it to help bring Cybertron to Earth.

And that’s where Wahlberg, Sir Anthony Hopkins and British Megan Fox come in. Sorry that should be Laura Haddock who, along with everyone with me, thought was Megan Fox when she first came on-screen. Wahlberg goes to England because Hopkins’ character brings him and Haddock’s character together. She has a bloodline she knows nothing about and Wahlberg was given an amulet by an old Transformer. They join forces and with the help from the Autobots must fight Optimus Prime, who was turned evil by Quintesson, Megatron and the Decepticons.

The film has one positive, Sir Anthony Hopkins. This is clearly a paycheck film for him or he wanted to do a movie his grandkids could watch and he’s having the time of his life in it. He PG-13 curses throughout the film and it’s the least serious role he’s done since, well, probably ever. Speaking of the cursing, there’s a lot in it for a PG-13 film. It’s not F-bombs, but there are lots of shits and a surprising amount of dickheads in it. There is a C3PO reference in it that made me laugh as well, but those are the only positives.

As for the negatives, like the previous films, it’s way too long. Two and a half hours is very unnecessary. A good edit (which I’ll get to) and it should be around 2 hours and more fluid. Then there’s the editing. The movie jumps around and you forget about characters after a while. We are introduced to some young kids in the beginning who end up serving no purpose besides introducing Izabella to us. She disappears and reappears throughout the movie replacing Wahlberg’s daughter from the fourth film. Hopkins comes and goes. John Turturro cameos then goes away just to cameo a few times later. The worst is Optimus Prime. At one point towards the end he goes flying into Cybertron to do something, but they never show him doing anything and 10 maybe 20 minutes later he shows up again.

The whole film is that way. It starts centuries ago. Then shows us some kids. Then a junkyard. Then England. Cybertron. Back to England. NASA. Some soldiers. An underwater submarine scene. Whoops let’s remind the audience Hopkins is still in the film. Let’s bring Prime back. Now the Transformers who were left at the junkyard can come save the day. Oh yeah we made a big deal of that amulet Wahlberg gets, let’s make it do something once and never come into play again. Seriously, he gets a weapon once because of it and it never shows up again. Ugh.

I also forgot how ignorant the franchise is. There are characters who are walking, talking stereotypes. For someone like me to think something is ignorant you know it has to be bad. We get introduced to some new Decepticons and they might be as bad as the Twin Transformers from a previous film.

Clearly I’m not a fan of the movies and Transformers: The Last Knight did nothing for me. It will make money especially overseas. Michael Bay and Mark Wahlberg have said they aren’t interested in doing more, but this film opens the door for a follow-up movie. The last film did over a billion dollars at the box office worldwide so clearly what I think means absolutely nothing.

Cast & Crew:

  • Mark Wahlberg
  • Sir Anthony Hopkins
  • Josh Duhamel
  • John Turturro
  • Stanley Tucci
  • Laura Haddock
  • John Goodman
  • Isabela Moner


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