A struggle for power and control continues in the rugged hills of Appalachia as the battle between the clan and the town escalates with the Farrells becoming more isolated than ever before. The uneasy truce that had previously existed between the townspeople and the family tribe came to an abrupt end when Big Coal headed up the mountain and the standoff continues to have repercussions, putting everyone to the test as they’re forced to face new challenges and enemies.

What We Thought:

Of course now that I’m into Outsiders it gets cancelled. At least we got two seasons out of it. Season 2 was a bit like season 1, the characters were more interesting than the storylines.

It’s easiest to compare the show to Justified, but Justified had better writing. With that show I liked the characters and wanted to see what was happening to them. With this show, I liked the characters, but sometimes the stories seemed repetitive or similar.

Season 2 starts with G’win taking control over the family after a death. Mixed in with that drama is Lil Foster being in prison and escaping and the eviction notice. You see more of the family interacting with the town this season at least to me. This eviction starts a big dramatic turn with the town and everyone on the mountain.

The cast is what helps the show the most. I liked Ryan Hurst on Sons of Anarchy and David Morse is always good. Gillian Alexy gets a lot to do in Season 2 and handles it well. She’s more like a Gemma than a Tara in Sons of Anarchy. Kyle Gallner won me over in this show as well. I’ve seen him in other things, but this was the first time I thought he was a solid actor.

You can tell they weren’t expecting the show to get cancelled and it’s a shame it did. It closes out ok, but they were definitely building to more. Of course now that I’m into Outsiders I’m hoping it gets picked up elsewhere for a third season. If you haven’t caught the show, I do recommend giving it a try.

Cast & Crew:

  • Ryan Hurst
  • David Morse
  • Kyle Gallner

Recommended If You Like:

  • Justified
  • Sons of Anarchy
  • Ryan Hurst


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