Time to go medieval on some minifigs!  BrickWarriors is excited to bring you 5 new incredible accessories from the medieval period this week.

SALLET – Bascinets are so last century (if this is the mid 15th century…), so make sure that all of your LEGO minifigures are sporting shiny new sallet helmets. Otherwise they’ll rightfully be laughed off of the battle field.

BOAR SPEAR – Spearing a boar is great fun for LEGO minifigures, but nothing ruins a hunt quite like a wild boar working its way up your spear and goring you. To prevent that from happening, the boar spear features two lugs that the boar can’t get past after you spear it.

LUTE – Lull the enemy LEGO minifigures to sleep with this lovely instrument.

ARCHER HELM – LEGO archers need a clear line of sight, so they can’t wear normal helmets, but they still need head protection. Thus, the archer helmet was designed to have an open face but still protect their delicate little heads.

HERALD TRUMPET – Give the king the introduction he deserves with this custom LEGO® herald trumpet!

The competition at the medieval tournament have no chance now!

Order Yours Today!

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