The Relationship‘s upcoming album is full of anthemic singles and the power pop brilliance that has defined two plus decades of Brian Bell’s songwriting and guitar work with Weezer. The Relationship will release Clara Obscura on April 21 via Rebel Union Recordings & Lolipop Records and the album is currently available for pre-order HERE.

While his work as the guitarist in Weezer is familiar to millions, Bell still feels like he has a lot to say—and that it’s only now that he feels totally in command of his preferred language, rock and roll. Lead single “Break Me Open” is currently available everywhere and can be found below.

Not too long ago The Relationship began as something much different. For it’s seasoned founding members, the project was simply a fun way to make some music together. After a successful release via Burger Records put the band on the map in its own right, a departure in personnel changed the band into something else. Namely its principal songwriter Brian Bell began to think of the project in a dramatically different way.

And while it may sound strange that a consummate professional musician with over 20+ years of touring, writing and performing has only recently felt like he has mastered his art, that has definitely been the case with Bell, a longtime fan favorite and guitar hero to many a Weezer fan.

“I see music as a craft and like all craftsman, it’s the constant search for truth and beauty that keeps me going,” says Bell. “Music brings expression to the things that can’t be said, they must be felt.”

At this new juncture with his band The Relationship, Bell delights at the idea of giving back to the art form that he has dedicated his whole life to. It’s a new evolution from a dude who has been around long enough to know that the youth still always want the truth.

The Relationship Tour Dates
Apr 18 – Los Angeles, CA – The Bootleg Theatre #
Apr 20 – San Francisco, CA – The Rickshaw Stop #
Apr 21 – Portland, OR – Analog Lounge #
Apr 22 – Seattle, WA – The Funhouse #


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