PAX East has come and gone, but I wanted to talk about some non-video game news and products. Sure PAX is THE place for the latest gaming news and demos to play, but there’s also plenty of other products to try out and get. I discuss some of the non-video games products I got a hold of while at PAX East 2017.

Let’s talk books. Books are great! While I was at PAX, I was given a copy of “Video Game Writing” by Maurice Sucling and Marek Walton. This book is for those who like to story craft rather than program, which is really awesome to see some stuff like this out there. This book is easy to read, interesting enough to keep me reading and uses examples like Left 4 Dead to show that a story can be built even if it’s not the main focal point. This book will take you from just a creative writer to a professional Story Crafter in no time at all.

On more of a programming note, another book I was given was “Classic Game Design: From Pong to Pac-Man with Unity” by Franz Lanzinger. This book is a great way to learn simple game design using the Unity Engine. The content wasn’t really my thing, but I passed it along to a programmer friend of mine and he really enjoyed it. He said it was easy to follow, so I gave it a shot. After a few hours of reading and goofing around, I had something that was reminiscent of Pong, and it was really gratifying. If this book can teach a nimwit like me, it can teach you too!

Aren’t books great? Short blurbs, I know, but they are both fantastic reads that will help you build the skills you need in order to start your journey in the video game industry! Next up, we have a couple of board games!

Final War: Onslaught, a Deckbuilding game created by Games Lab. The best way I can describe this game is Magic: the Gathering meets League of Legends. Your deck has one of three hero cards that lead your “Army.” The main goal is to kill off the enemy hero, and then take down your opponent by attacking them directly. This game is not very user friendly for beginners, but once you get into the swing of it, it becomes an amazing experience. So, how does League of Legends fit into this game? This game relies on lanes to determine what can attack what and where abilities can be used. The game comes with 3 decks, 3 game mats, dice and counters. I would recommend giving the manual a few reads before playing just to get a better understanding of this complicated, yet fun deckbuilding game.

Wits and Wagers! Now this game is much less complicated. In Wits and Wagers, a trivia question is asked and you have to write down what you think the answer is. Once all the answers are written down, you lay them on the table and bet which answer is the closest to being correct. This game has a very Casino feel to it and allows for a team effort. I remember thinking I was really close only to be proven as wrong as possible. The point of the game is to collect as many poker chips as possible, which is why I say it has such a Casino vibe to it.


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