Iain Glen (Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey) is Jack Taylor: a former cop turned private investigator trying to scratch out a living in his native Galway. Self-destructive and pigheaded, with a talent for getting into trouble, Jack retains few friends from his time in the Irish Police, save for detective Kate Noonan (Siobhán O’Kelly, Dominion Creek). Aided by Kate and her cousin Darragh (Jack Monaghan, Hideaways), Jack delves into some of the darkest cases of his career, including the crucifixion of a young man, the kidnapping of his old nemesis, and deadly corporate espionage. But when Kate receives devastating news, Jack is torn between helping her through her personal crisis and his willingness to do whatever it takes to crack a case. Inspired by Ken Bruen’s bestselling book series, this action-packed crime noir showcases the rakish allure of its leading man with tantalizing mysteries and a bleak but beautiful setting. Set 3 includes three feature-length episodes: Cross, Headstone, and Purgatory.

What We Thought:

Even though I hadn’t seen the first two sets and I’m not familiar with the books it is based on, I quite liked Jack Taylor Set 3. Iain Glen (Game of Thrones) is very good as the titular character.

Set 3 consists of 3 roughly 90 minute “episodes”. It’s more a miniseries with 3 episodes that don’t directly connect to one another. Jack’s life continues throughout, but the actual plots of each don’t. And there’s a medical story with Kate that crosses over.

The first episode is called Blood. This introduces the character of Darragh, a new age hippie type who’s into yoga and being Zen. He’s Kate’s cousin and he comes in handy for Jack. A man is crucified and a video links a family to it. Jack with the help of Kate and Darragh investigate and another crucifixion takes place. Someone is keeping a secret and the first man killed probably didn’t deserve it. I really liked the actress who played the daughter/sister of the family looking for revenge. I thought she was really good.

Episode 2 is called Headstone. The son of a wealthy family is kidnapped and his finger is sent to his girlfriend. Jack gets involved, with the help of Kate and Darragh, and discovers the kidnapping is more than it appears. Jack and the girlfriend get caught as well and he loses a finger. The kidnappers have more than one agenda and it’s not simply about money.

Episode 3 is called Purgatory. Jack and Darragh get involved with a gaming company after one of their interns is shot and killed. Like the other two episodes, it’s not a simple case. There’s a gay couple kept under wraps. There’s a Texas woman who has secrets. There’s a murder that may or may not be connected.

I liked Iain Glen in Jack Taylor Set 3 so much that I want to watch the first two sets. It looks like there are years between most of them so that explains why I haven’t heard of it. It also really makes me want to visit Ireland even more.

Bonus Features:

  • Photo Galleries for Each Mystery

Cast & Crew:

  • Iain Glen
  • Siobhan O’Kelly
  • Jack Monaghan

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