Based on the graphic novel WILSON written by Daniel Clowes, Woody Harrelson stars as Wilson, a lonely, neurotic and hilariously honest middle-aged misanthrope who reunites with his estranged wife (Laura Dern) and gets a shot at happiness when he learns he has a teenage daughter (Isabella Amara) he has never met.  In his uniquely outrageous and slightly twisted way, he sets out to connect with her.

What We Thought:

Daniel Clowes isn’t for everyone and neither is the movie Wilson which is based on his graphic novel. I tend to like offbeat, depressed characters, but the movie did nothing for me.

Woody Harrelson plays Wilson, a down on his luck guy who decides to find his ex-wife. She drops a bomb on him, she never got an abortion, she gave the kid up for adoption. He finds the girl and with his ex-wife (Laura Dern), they throw themselves into the young girl’s life.

In theory the film should work. The plot is easy enough to understand and the cast is really solid. Unfortunately it’s just boring and pretty pointless. Wilson is just mean for the sake of being mean. I usually like unhappy people, but he thinks too highly of himself for no real reason. He thinks he’s better than everyone else, but never once proves it.

That’s the problem with the film, I never once rooted for him to win back his ex or really develop anything with the daughter. He shouldn’t get a connection to her because she didn’t ask to be found. He forces himself into her life.

I also expected a twist or reveal in it. I was expecting something, whether it was the daughter not being their daughter or some kind of twist. I didn’t get it.

The only positive is that the actress playing the daughter was pretty good. Her name is Isabella Amara and she held her own opposite Harrelson and Dern.

The only people who will like Wilson are Clowes diehards. Mainstream audiences will ignore it and rightfully so. It did nothing for me.

Cast & Crew:

  • Woody Harrelson
  • Laura Dern
  • Isabella Amara
  • Judy Greer

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