When the evil Empress Geela takes over the Planets of the Pentangle, five teenage princesses disguise themselves as musicians and form a band called SpacePOP. Their mission: spread the message of freedom and joy through music and join the rebel resistance force to vanquish Geela, who has taken over their home planets and enslaved the inhabitants.

What We Thought: 

I’m an adult male without children so clearly SpacePOP: Princess Power isn’t geared towards me, but watching it, it seems like a very safe, fun watch for your kids.

It pretty much checkmarks everything you expect in a movie/show for kids. It’s colorful. There’s music, ok, lots of music. There are fun characters and a villain. It’s easy to follow even if you aren’t familiar with the characters. It’s not offensive and your kids might learn something as well. Plus there’s some funny little supporting creatures.

Will adults enjoy sitting there with their kids while watching it? Probably not. It reminded me of the Bratz phase that was popular 10-15 years ago.

As an adult I am curious to see how popular something like this is in today’s PC world. Are little girls still allowed to be princesses today? Is a DVD where fashion and clothing play a big role in the characters’ lives acceptable today? How sad is that that those questions actually crossed my mind while watching a movie for kids?

I have no idea how popular SpacePOP is, but I can see fans liking SpacePOP: Princess Power. It’s not something adults will enjoy having to sit through day after day, but kids definitely will. It’s safe and fun with lots of singing and good messages. That’s all you should want out of it.

Bonus Features Include:

  • SpacePOP: Princess Power Teaser Trailer
  • Unstoppable Extended Music Video
  • By My Side Extended Music Video
  • Find You Extended Music Video

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