Hello everyone! I am back from PAX East and like Santa on Christmas, I’ve come with plenty of gifts for you all. (Ho Ho Ho) My three days covering PAX were an amazing experience. I met so many great people, played so many unique and innovative indie games and I left with a new appreciation for the gaming industry as a whole. Over the course of my time at PAX, I walked around the expo hall for the entire time it was open on all three days. It was nice to see so much happening that appealed to different tastes across the gaming industry. The two most well represented groups this year were indie developers and E-sports. Tabletop gaming had a strong presence too, but we’ll loop back to that in another article.

On Friday I arrived to the convention center at 8:45 and was promptly allowed on the Expo Hall at 9:00 for a one hour adventure called Press Hour. I love the Idea of a press hour and not for the reasons that you may expect. It was nice knowing that I wasn’t holding up a line or that I was pulling the developers away from anyone so that I could speak with them. I heard that people thought a press hour was unfair to regular attendees because it gave the press an unfair advantage of getting to things first. But my point of view on the matter is that I was able to stay out of everyone’s way and not disrupt the flow of lines so that when the Expo Hall opened, attendees could get the developers full attention.

There is something beautiful about seeing the Expo Hall void of people, a certain calmness that would soon be filled with 60,000 excited fans. It was nice seeing the hard-working exhibitors setting up their booths and just being able to take everything in without the chaos. Once the doors opened and fans flooded the Expo Hall like a flood of biblical proportions, I remembered what made PAX East so great, the excitement and hype behind it. Seeing all the people running to the booth they wanted to see, seeing people line up and wait for hours to try the new game they’ve been looking forward to. The overall atmosphere is that of wonderment and excitement mixed with joy and just a bit of fried dough scent to make it feel like seven Christmases wrapped into one.

In the coming hours, days and weeks, I will be posting a bunch of articles, reviews, commentary pieces and editorials about the things I played, the things I saw and the overall experience. Many developers were nice to give us review copies of their latest video games, books, and board games. Also, just some exciting news for you all, we’re partnering up with ThinkGeek so that we can review their products and let you know what you need to in order to make an informed purchase! Stay tuned for all the PAX news you can handle!

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