unitedbricksUnited Bricks is a UK-Based company that offers Custom-Printed Minifigures and accessories, UV printed on real Lego parts. They offer a nice range of military-themed minifigures (current and historical), as well as characters from TV, movies and gaming. They also have a selection of building kits, which currently gives you a range of tanks and half-tracks, as well as offering a small selection of t-shirts. United Bricks also offers printing services, have a custom design you want? You can send them your parts and they will print on them, or they will provide the parts. According to their site “We can print small runs or thousands, we have no limit!”.

United Bricks sent me their WW1 Scottish Soldier, WW1 French Soldier, and DAK MG Soldier minifigures to take a look at.

soldiers-2The minifigures look great. Because actual Lego parts were used, they are definitely great quality. The printing looks really good. My one problem is none of them come with accessories, you would think one called DAK MG (as in Machine Gunner), would come with a machine gun. Now to look at each figure individually.

soldiers-4First up is the WW1 French soldier.  On the site they actually offer a choice of having him with the typical Lego yellow skin, or you can order him in the light flesh tone that Lego has started using for a lot of their licensed figures. My one problem is his face is exactly the same as the Scottish soldier. It actually seems odd the French man has a red/orange mustache and eyebrows.

The printing on the French Soldier looks great. There is a lot of detail. His helmet looks like a Lego firefighter helmet, and this is a great use of that helmet, it works really well on this figure.

Next up we have the DAK MG Soldier. The DAK (also known as the Africak Korps) Soldier has some cool details. I especially like that he has the ammo belt over his shoulders (even if he doesn’t come with an actual machine gun).

soldiers-13 soldiers-12

The detailing on this figure is also really excellent. He looks great, and would be a great addition to any war scene or diorama you may build. My only real problem with this figure (besides lack of a machine gun), is that the helmet doesn’t stay on his head really well. The slightest bump, and his helmet falls off.

And last, but certainly not least, we come to my favorite of the three I was sent, the WW1 Scottish Soldier. I love the detailing on him. It looks very good. I do wish he had a different face than the French Soldier, although at least on the Scottish soldier having a red mustache and eyebrows makes sense.

soldiers-10 soldiers-8soldiers-9

While the printing on him is really good, the Scottish Soldier’s kilt is the real star here. The cloth kilt on him is amazing. It feels like it is made out of a material similar to that of the capes that some Lego minifigures come with. I wish United Bricks sold just the little kilts, in differing colors, I would get a few for various minifigs. While I like this minifigure a lot, I really would liked to have seen some detail on his legs (at least maybe the feet), instead of the just being plain white.

I greatly enjoyed all of these figures from United Bricks. The printing on them all is fantastic. I highly recommend checking them out. Especially for Lego fans that want more military options in their collection.

soldiers-16Even without weapons, or other accessories, the soldiers can still have one heck of a drinking contest!

Check out United Bricks at https://www.united-bricks.com/, or check them out on Facebook, and Twitter.

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