Fans of Japanese-style role-playing games can look forward to March 2017. With “In Vitra” German publishing and development house rokapublish releases a 3D role-playing game with turn-based combat system in classic JRPG style. The game was developed in cooperation with German indie studio bumblebee. “In Vitra” introduces players to the fantastic world of Vitra, which is threatened by a mysterious plague that keeps spreading.

In VitraIn VitraPlayers join young Noa who leads 3 companions on a daring quest for the source of the disease and its cure. Their adventures will lead our 4 stalwart heroes deep into the lush green lands, right into a dark part of Vitra, where challenging encounters with many dangerous creatures await them. Still, the biggest threat is the well-kept secret of the mysterious plague, which the 4 friends chance upon. In this fantastic JRPG players delve deeper and deeper into the dark past of Vitra to solve its mystery and save it from sure doom.


  • Experience a fantastic top-down role-playing game
  • 15 hours of pure JRPG fun
  • Immerse yourself in an exciting fantasy story full of surprises
  • Embark on a dangerous journey and solve the mystery of Vitra
  • Face dozens of lovingly designed creatures that inhabit the dark and unpredictable part of Vitra
  • Learn countless spells and skills including a tier system
  • Test your mettle with the challenging turn-based combat system
  • Enjoy a fantastic soundtrack

“In Vitra” is released on March 24 for PC (RRP: 7.99 EUR) via Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/563270/.

About rokapublish
rokapublish GmbH based in Darmstadt, Germany is a leading worldwide publisher and developer of low-price and mid-price PC games. Its extensive indie game portfolio includes numerous popular RPG titles such as “Book of Legends”, “Asguaard” or “Moonchild”.

About bumblebee
bumblebee is a German indie development studio founded in 2012 by pixel artist Tassilo Rau and former EA staffer Lars Goetze. Their track record includes award-winning “GhostControl Inc.” as well as “Oh My Gore!”.

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