We here at The Nerds Templar like to think that we’ve seen it all. We watch hundreds of movies a year, have worked on a bunch ourselves and maybe even written a few words about them. Yet somehow some movies fall through the cracks and we decided to embarrass ourselves and tell the world what movies we‘ve yet to see for one reason or another. We also brought in some friends who like to think they are movie aficionados too.

It’s one thing for a straight-to-DVD film with Dolph Lundgren and Cuba Gooding Jr. in it to get by us (no, wait, we actually saw that one), but most of the films on this list are widely popular and award-worthy films loved by millions. So feel free to mock us, point fingers at us or have a good laugh at our own expense. But we bet you’ve missed a few that others might laugh at you for as well. Joining myself and Asst. Editor Rocky Maxwell (who wrote paragraphs trying to explain himself!) are Nick Casaletto at http://weliveentertainment.com/, Jaskee Hickman at http://www.cinematicessential.com/ and Martin Lieberman at https://martinlieberman.com/.

Popular Film/Franchise:

harry-potterKen – The Harry Potter Franchise. I’ve seen one or two of them, but can’t tell you which ones. I fell asleep during one as well. Worst part is, I borrowed all of them off my nephew months ago and still haven’t watched them.
Nick – Pirates of the Caribbean. I faintly remember parts of the first film, however, I’ve never seen the rest. People claim they are great, but I never got around to seeing them.
Martin – Blade Runner. Over the years, this one’s just passed me by. But I figure I should change this before the sequel comes out later this year.
Rocky – The Hangover series. I hadn’t seen the first one for whatever reason so when the 2nd one came around, I saw no point in seeing that one because I hadn’t seen the 1st one. Now a 3rd has come and gone and I still haven’t seen any of them. I also don’t find Zach Galifianakis as funny as some other people do. I MAY watch them some day; I’m not opposed to the idea although I am starting to be amused by the reaction I get when I say I haven’t seen them.
Jaskee – The Godfather Trilogy. You can imagine how I feel during a group conversation about The Godfather when I’m the only person who’s never seen any of the films from the trilogy. I guess a part of me hasn’t seen any of them because people have a tendency to hype up movies like this. I’m thinking if I do give them a chance, they might not live up to the praise they’ve received from just about everybody who swears by them.

Biggest Blockbuster:


Ken – Titanic. It was my answer years ago in a similar article and it’s my answer again. It’s the third biggest movie of all time and I refuse to watch it despite liking Leo, Kate and Billy Zane. Every guy I know who’s seen it only likes the boat breaking stuff. I’m not wasting 2 hours to get to that point.
Nick –  The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies. The Lord of the Rings trilogy is some of my favorite films of all time. While I thought the first Hobbit was just “ok,” the Desolation of Smaug was terrific. The Battle of Five Armies is something that’s always on my “to do” list of movies I need to see, but never got around to it.
Martin – The Lord of the Rings. I tried watching the first one, but fell asleep. And I skipped the other two — plus The Hobbit movies. Not sure I’m totally ashamed about this, but I probably should be.
Rocky – Titanic. Even though I am a big fan of DiCaprio’s acting (Billy Zane as well), I never was interested in Titanic. I grew annoyed with it due to the hype, to the point that I actually didn’t like DiCaprio because I was sick of hearing about him and the movie. It was years before I saw a movie that he was in and became a fan of his work. I don’t plan on ever seeing this one.
Jaskee – This one may actually be the most embarrassing film to make my list from a general perspective. It’s been insanely popular for decades and is the type of movie that would be appealing to just about all of mankind. I’m talking about Back to the Future, one of the biggest and most beloved movies to come out of the 80’s. Can’t explain it. Can’t even come close to understanding why haven’t watched it yet. I do know that I’ll get around to it sooner rather than later.

Animated Film:


Ken – Wall-E. There’s a few Pixar films I’ve never seen (Ratatouille comes to mind), but Wall-E seems to be the one that gets the most “Wow you’ve never seen Wall-E?”.
Nick –  Bambi. I know, put your pitchforks down, I am THAT GUY. There is no excuse for this one, I am ashamed.
Martin – The Iron Giant. I have a niece and a lot of friends with daughters, so it’s kind of amazing that I’ve never seen Frozen, but The Iron Giant is a movie I feel like I should have seen by now.
Rocky – Finding Nemo. I am not a big fan of computer-animated “cartoons” or computer animation in general. I also feel like a lot of the Pixar films kind of all follow the same exact formula and don’t offer a lot in a new experience. It feels like they just design some characters and drop it into a template and done.
Jaskee – Finding Nemo. I’ve seen just about every animated movie worth seeing since even before I was born, but Finding Nemo was one that never really interested me for whatever reason. I’ve heard great things about it, but I’ve never taken the time to watch it. I suppose one day I will, but as you can tell by this list, there are a few others that I’ll be taking a look at first.

Horror Film:


Ken – Rec. I’ve seen the American remake Quarantine, but not the actual film that it’s based on. I think it’s a shaky cam/found footage style horror film and I’m not a fan of that style.
Nick – The Blair Witch Project. Truth be told, I fell into the gimmick when this film first came out. Back then, I was scared of horror films and couldn’t bring myself to see it. Now, I am so numb to the found footage genre that I can’t bring myself to watch it, no matter how great it may be.
Martin – A Nightmare on Elm Street. Never been much of a horror guy, to be honest. But Freddy Krueger is an icon of my youth. Maybe I just prefer a good night’s sleep.
Rocky – The Brood. David Cronenberg’s movie about a woman who channels her rage in a way that allows her to birth a series of monsters who attack the targets of her rage sounds right up my alley. I am a big fan of the work of Cronenberg. This is definitely a movie I should have seen by now and have no excuse to why I haven’t.
Jaskee – Ring or Ringu as it’s known in its homeland of Japan represents a high level of shame for me since I see myself as a fan of Asian horror. I’ve seen plenty of other popular horror films from across Asia, and I’ve also managed to check out ones that very few people in America have ever seen. Yet somehow the original version of The Ring has managed to escape my grasp for all these years.

Foreign Film:


Ken –  Run Lola Run. There’s a bunch I could have gone with, Leviathan was my first thought, but this film should be one I watch. It’s a crime thriller which is a genre I love especially from foreign countries.
Nick – Oldboy. I hate myself, I hate myself so much. I have this film in my possession and I haven’t watched it yet. I need to see this movie, I may go watch it right now.
Martin – Son of Saul. This is a recent one, but I am legit ashamed that I never did see this award winner.
Rocky – Red Cliff. A two-part War Epic based on the Battle Of Red Cliffs, the end of the Han Dynasty, and the lead-up to The Three Kingdoms Period in China. The first Chinese Language film since ‘92 by Jon Woo, which was also his first big major film since 2003. Starring Tony Leung, Takeshi Kaneshiro, and many other well-known Asian actors. How have I not seen this one yet? I feel more ashamed I haven’t seen it yet, as I have been aware of this movie for quite some time now. In my own defense, I almost bought a copy at a Blockbuster when it was going out of business, BUT it was the original US release, which was cut-down to being a single film, missing about an hour-and-a-half or so of the original footage. I decided that was no way to really see this one. I feel that gives me some points there. At least that is what I tell myself.
Jaskee – Seven Samurai is a classic that helped the action genre in a plethora of ways. I know the story and constantly hear about how impactful this was with the likes of the original Magnificent Seven and action in general, but I haven’t seen it as of today. This one is close to the top of my list of movies that I will watch in 2017.

Best Picture Oscar Winner:


Ken – Casablanca. Recent winners Chicago and The Artist I have no issue admitting to not seeing, but I still get looks when I say I’ve never seen Casablanca. I know, I know, I’m an awful human being.
Nick – Shakespeare in Love. I don’t even know what this film is about honestly, I just know it’s a best picture winner and I’ve seen most of them. It’s on my film bucket list and people shame me when I mention I haven’t seen it.
Martin – Gone with the Wind. Frankly, my dear, I’ve just never given a damn enough to sit down and watch this classic.
Rocky – No Country for Old Men. It is a film I SHOULD have seen by now. Being a fan of a majority of the films by the Coen Brothers (the awful/pointless True Grit remake aside) as well as being a fan of most of the cast, Tommy Lee Jones, Woody Harrelson and Garrett Dillahunt. The story looks good and I know it won awards. I have no good reason why I haven’t seen this, I just haven’t.
Jaskee – I’m returning to The Godfather trilogy here by going with The Godfather Part II. I guess I could have also put the first film in the series here as well, but I’ve heard pretty much everybody say the second one is even better. I plan on seeing both either way while maybe going to Wikipedia to read up on the third since I heard it’s not worth actually trying to sit through it.

Cult Classic:


Ken – Eraserhead. I’m just not a David Lynch fan. I honestly have no idea what it’s about.
Nick –  Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I’ve endlessly heard people quote this film over the years, and it has a dedicated fan base that’s undeniable. Definitely ashamed I’ve never seen this.
Martin – Blue Velvet. I’m a big Twin Peaks guy, but this David Lynch film is one I’ve never seen.
Rocky – Six-String Samurai. This action/comedy based around a post-apocalyptic setting and Rock n’ Roll has been on my must-see list for quite some time now. The movie follows the journey of Buddy as he heads to Lost Vegas, because King Elvis has died, using his sword and guitar to thwart the attempts on his life by the Heavy Metal playing Death. All set to a score provided by Brian Tyler with help from The Red Elvises. I first heard about this movie quite a few years back, and have since had someone recommend it to me more than once. Every time I disappoint myself a little by saying “No, I haven’t seen it”.
Jaskee – Dawn of the Dead. The zombie genre was basically kick-started by this one, so it’s kind of insane to think that I never saw this one. Then again, the fact that I wasn’t really into the genre for most of my life is a valid reason in itself. I also have to blame 28 Days Later for why it’s gone unseen by me for so long. Why do I blame that particular movie? Well, after watching a movie about zombies that can run after its prey, taking a gang from the undead community stumbling around like a bunch of drunks seriously became insanely difficult for me.

Sequel or Remake:


Ken – Escape from L.A. I’m 98% sure I’ve never seen the sequel to Escape from New York. I heard it’s not that good, but I am a huge fan of Kurt Russell and his Snake character.
Nick – Let Me In (2010). I am a big fan of good horror films, I love the genre and am always pleased when the genre genuinely scares me. That being said I need to see Let me In. Loving “Let the Right one In”, I need to see this remake of the original, which I also loved.
Martin – Scarface. Say hello to my little friend: Regret. I’ve heard all the lines, and seen some clips, but Brian DePalma’s remake of the 1932 film is still on my must-see list.
Rocky – Bad Santa 2. Despite being a HUUUGE fan of the first one (I still quote it on a frequent basis), I ended up missing it at theaters. I was so excited when it was announced. When the trailer dropped, I made sure I shared it. I made sure everyone knew it was coming. It hasn’t ended up on Netflix and I currently don’t have OnDemand, or anything. I will have to grab it on Blu-ray or DVD when it is released later this month.
Jaskee – Since I don’t have any interest in watching remakes, this one is actually quite easy for me to answer. I’ll go with the 1978 version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. I’ve been told that it’s very good and I’m actually interested in seeing it. Because I’ve loved the version that debuted in 1956 for so many years, I’ve never really felt the need to watch this version starring Donald Sutherland. However, that changed once I started to hear so many speak so highly of it. Let’s just hope I’m not disappointed.

Movie Starring Your Favorite Actor/Actress:


Ken – The New World. Christian Bale is my favorite actor and it took me a while to find one I hadn’t seen of his. I loathe Terrence Malick’s new films so it’s hard for me to go back and watch this one I’ve never seen.
Nick – The Whistleblower. (Benedict Cumberbatch) This is the only film I haven’t seen from my favorite actor, I love him in everything, and I’m sure I’ll love him in this.
Martin – Hard Eight. Tough call between this and A Most Wanted Man, but this Philip Seymour Hoffman movie gets the call because it’s also P.T. Anderson’s debut feature and he’s one of my favorite directors.
Rocky – The Comedy Of Terrors. Starring one of my all-time favorite actors, Vincent Price. Directed by Jaques Tourneur, it also features Basil Rathbone, Peter Lorre, and Boris Karloff, in a comedy about an already shady undertaker (Price), who begins murdering people to bring in more business. I have seen a majority of the films he’s been in and own many on various forms of physical media. I even own a copy (a very good condition cassette tape) of his Cooking With Vincent Price audio book. For some reason this one in particular stands out to me. I think it is, at least partially, because of the specific combination of the cast and also the fact that I have never even had a chance to watch this one. Oh, and if I remember correctly this movie is one of the few (if only) times that Vincent Price actually says the “f-word” in a movie.
Jaskee – I’ve never had a favorite actor. I just watch what I think is good regardless of who is involved with the project, but for the sake of this piece, I’ll throw out Spike Lee’s Mo’ Better Blues starring Denzel Washington. Not only does this feature a budding star in Washington, but it also features a significant role for Wesley Snipes before he blew up. Seeing a pair of actors like this together was rare back then especially when you look at the success both of them ended up having after that.

Ultimate I’m Ashamed to Admit I’ve Never Seen:


Ken – Gone With the Wind. I was leaning towards a couple of other films because I know I’ve seen clips of Gone With the Wind from AFI shows and Oscar night broadcasts, but I can honestly say I have never seen it start to finish in any particular order. Go ahead and light my curtains on fire.
Nick –  Citizen Kane. Okay, bring back out the pitchforks, I’m a movie critic who’s never seen Citizen Kane. I’ll be in my bunk catching up on all these films, I’ll see you next time.
Martin – Goodfellas. I know, I know. There’s just no excuse for why I’ve never seen this one.
Rocky – Schindler’s List. Solid cast. Directed by Spielberg. Won awards. Yet I haven’t seen it. When it came out I was about 11 or so so that would explain why I didn’t see it right away (it was Spielberg’s first R-rated film after all). I cannot really say why I haven’t seen it since considering all involved with this project and how big it was my youth. I should have seen it by now.
Jaskee – My ultimate movie is Escape from New York. The reason being is that I know so much about it and the film’s protagonist even though I haven’t seen one second of the actual film. To add onto that, the hero in Metal Gear Solid (my favorite video game of all time) was inspired by Snake Plissken. I also somehow managed to watch Escape from L.A. years ago, but I like to pretend that never happened. How did I find myself in this position? I’m still trying to figure that out myself.

So what’s the biggest head scratcher here? What should we really be ashamed of? Back to the Future? The Godfather? Harry Potter? All the Pixar hate? Well if you have something to say, click any one of our names up top and tweet at us. Make fun of all of us, we can handle it. We don’t need safe spaces. Feel free to point and laugh.




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