From classic characters to new movie-inspired products, the designers at Bif Bang Pow! and Entertainment Earth are unveiling dozens of all-new 2017 wooden Marvel-inspired collectibles sure to capture the hearts of fans and collectors of all ages for the very first time at their New York Toy Fair booth (#5452).

Pin Mate by Bif Bang Pow!
With its charming 2-inch scale wooden figures, each with an individual series-driven number, the Pin Mate line celebrates its one-year anniversary with the exciting new addition of moveable wooden vehicles, wooden dioramas, and an ever-expanding cast of character wooden figures.

marvel-pin-2The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Pin Mate Wood Milano Set with Masked Star-Lord and Yondu is ready to blast off for adventure. Including with a wooden Milano Pin Mate ship that features six seats and working wooden wheels, the movie-derived Masked Star-Lord (#47) and Yondo (#48) Pin Mate wooden figures set a course of fun in this unique set.

But no journey is complete without the rest of the crew! The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Pin Mate Wooden Figure Set of 5 offers fans more wooden figures that can join in the ride with an unmasked Star-Lord (#38), Gamora (#39), Drax the Destroyer (#40), a growing Groot (#41), and Rocket Raccoon (#42).

marvel-pin-4Also in 2017, Bif Bang Pow! introduces dozens of beloved, classically-styled Pin Mate wooden figures. For Spidey fans, the Spider-Man Pin Mate Wooden Figure Set of 5 gathers Spider-Man (#11), with a new Agent Venom (#46), Spider-Woman (#37), Spider-Gwen (#36), and Black Cat (#15) into one swinging collection.

In addition, joining the line as individually sold Pin Mate wooden figures are

strange-pin                                                                                    Doctor Strange (#19)

thor-pin                                                                                              Thor (#28)

pun-pin                                                                                     The Punisher (#29)

daredevil-pin                       Daredevil (#30)

vision-pin                                                                                                 Vision (#31)

luke-cage-pin                                                                                       Luke Cage (#32)

peter-pin                                                                                     Peter Parker (#33)

mary-jane-pin                                                                                         Mary Jane (#34)

gwenpool-pi                                                                                      Gwenpool (#35)

spidergwen-pin                                                                                  Spider-Gwen (#36)

spider-woman-pin                                                                                    Spider-Woman (#37)

avenger-push-puppetWooden Push Puppets by Entertainment Earth
Remember the hours of fun you had pressing the hidden buttons at the bottom of those adorable push puppets you had as a child? Well, now they are back! And for these retro-styled wooden classics, cute is ready for crime-stopping action. Created in a 5-inch scale and made from solid wood, Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Black Widow, and Deadpool bend, collapse, and stand back up on their themed base based on your touch for another round of good vs. evil – while looking amazing with the vibrant 360-degree artwork, of course.

Tiki Tiki Totem Wooden Characters by Entertainment Earth
Whether you are avenging evil on Earth or guarding against space supremacy, take your Marvel fandom to new heights with Tiki Tiki Totem wooden characters by Entertainment Earth! Making its Toy Fair debut, this line of interconnecting, stackable, wooden Tiki Tiki Totem pieces allow you to create your own custom Tiki Tiki Totem poles with your favorite characters. Enjoy these 3-inches tall, character-inspired wooden figures from every angle with hand-painted, 360-degree artwork that includes some decal elements.

totem-spideyEach of these coveted collectibles can be seen at Toy Fair 2017 inside the Entertainment Earth and Bif Bang Pow! booth (#5452).

totem-grootNot attending the show? No worries! Check out the complete selection only at entertainmentearth.com.

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