Defend the Milky Way Galaxy from harm with new Guardians of the Galaxy Pin Mate figures – in stock today at entertainmentearth.com.

guardians-pinsEvery character-inspired figure is marked with an individual number within the Marvel Pin Mate series – on the packaging as well as on the bottom of each figure’s circular base:

starlord-pin                                                                                  Star-Lord (#21)

gamora-pin                                                                                     Gamora (#22)

drax-pin                                                                              Drax the Destroyer (#23)

groot-pin                                                                                           Groot (#24)

rocket-pin                                                                                    Rocket Raccoon (#25).

Measuring just 2-inches tall, there’s no mistaking – these figures may be small, but they’re mighty … in awesomeness! Each pint-sized, wooden Pin Mate figure captures the character’s classic appearance with hand-painted, 360-degree artwork that includes some decal elements.

Order the Guardians of the Galaxy Pin Mate wooden figures today, and be among the first to add this group of cosmic adventures to your Pin Mate collection.

Haven’t started your Pin Mate collection? Well, there’s no time like the present! Collect them all.

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