Months after unleashing a storm in the Australian government by exposing corrupt officials, hacker Jesse Banks (Zukerman) and his journalist brother, Ned (Spielman), face the threat of extradition to the US on serious criminal charges. Fortunately for them, Australian authorities have an explosive case they cannot crack, and Jesse might have the skills they need to do it.

The government’s target is the brilliant but volatile Jan Roth (LaPaglia), proprietor of an online bazaar of illicit weapons, drugs, and dangerous ideas. Exchanging Jesse’s computer expertise for their freedom, the Banks brothers and Jesse’s girlfriend, Hani (Adele Perovic, Fell), delve into Roth’s dark world. But getting close to Roth could cost the trio not only their lives, but all that they hold dear.


What We Thought:

It seems like a very overly used word nowadays, but it fits perfectly here, The Code Season 2 is very timely. It’s an Australian series, but ultimately it could take place anywhere in the world.

Even if you haven’t seen season 1, you can still pretty much follow along easily to season 2. This season deals with international issues, morals, ethics and the ever-increasing cyberspace world. It starts with a double murder and possible extradition. It goes deep into the internet world with message boards and online exploitation of a boy.

This leads to the pedophilia storyline that dominates the story. There are scandals, journalistic integrity, and just overall doubt of what’s right and wrong.

I wasn’t familiar with the show, but I have to say, it’s very well written. The acting is quite good too, but I thought the dialogue and story felt very fresh and deep. Like previously said, it’s very timely. We live in the internet world, but it’s still so new we don’t know the rules and boundaries. What is right to one person might be righteous or unethical to someone else.

I’ve seen comparisons to Mr. Robot, but I think it’s closer to a Homeland. I get the hacking/cyber world aspect that compares to Mr. Robot, but the writing, drama, acting and themes seem more like a political drama like Homeland.

I don’t think I’m familiar with the leads Ashley Zukerman, Dan Spielman and Adele Perovic, but they are quite good. I’ve always enjoyed Anthony LaPaglia’s work and he’s solid as usual. But it’s the leads that hold your attention. Each have distinct quirks that fit their roles in the show.

The Code Season 2 is yet another solid drama from outside of Hollywood. American shows are so clichéd and overly produced that it’s refreshing to watch something that wraps you into it quickly. If you like any of the shows I’ve mentioned than this is…


Bonus Features:

  • Behind the Scenes Featurettes (28 Minutes)

Cast & Crew:

  • Dan Spielman
  • Ashley Zukerman
  • Adele Perovic
  • Anthony LaPaglia

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