TomCat Releasing in conjunction with Girls and Corpses announces the street date for acclaimed horror/thriller All I Need, coming to DVD in the US in February.

allFrom writer/director Dylan K. Narang, All I Need is a tour de force debut that made waves on the festival circuit. With successful screenings at Dances With Films, the Northern Virginia International Film Festival, the NYC Horror Film Festival, Shriekfest L.A., and Another Hole in the Head Film Festival, All I Need comes to DVD on February 14, 2017. With an exciting cast of hot up-and-comers: Caitlin Stasey (CW’s “Reign”, I, Frankenstein, Fox’s upcoming “APB”), Rachel Melvin (NBC’s “Days of Our Lives”, Zombeavers, Dumb and Dumber To), Leah McKendrick (Bad Mom’s, CBS’ “Criminal Minds”) and Markus Taylor (Deadheads).

All I Need follows a young woman who wakes bound and gagged in a dirty motel room. Disoriented, it only takes a moment to realize the horrifying situation she finds herself in. The room is filled with other young women, all beautiful, undressed, and bound. However, she’s the only one that wakes up – and the only one that can hide when the killer who’s set it all in motion comes calling. Concurrently, a man desperate for work takes a new job to provide for the daughter his estranged wife keeps from him. The new job pays well, but increasingly causes the man to question his morals, especially after the “work” brings him face-to-face with this woman’s predicament.

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