With the Americans now landed in Europe, Operation Torch was carried out on Northern Africa to fortify the Allies position from the south before taking Germany head-on, helping to alleviate the pressure on the Soviets on the Eastern Front. This campaign cleared the Mediterranean more completely in combination with the taking of Italy, a strategic move to keep supplies flowing as the Allies advanced on Germany. BrickWarriors is excited to release their US Mortar Man accessories and torso

MORTAR TUBE – Rain explosives on enemy LEGO minifigures with the mortar tube!

Don’t forget to get a nice supply of mortar shells to fire from the tube.

mortar-shellMORTAR SHELL – A mortar tube is just a big metal tube without a mortar shell, so make sure you have plenty of these for your LEGO minifigures to fire!

binocularsBINOCULARS – With these binoculars, your LEGO minifigures will be able to see across the battlefield with perfect clarity.  Actually, they won’t, because these are just solid plastic.  But they’ll still look cool.

torsoMORTAR MAN TORSO – Standard issue uniform for your WW2 US LEGO minifigure mortar men who like to fire mortars with their shirts off.

Includes custom printed LEGO torso, arms, and hands.

Order yours today!

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