brick-warriorsFollowing gains on the Pacific front of World War II, the US, Britain, and other Allied nations launched a strategic takeover of the Italian island of Sicily, grabbing control from the Italians and Germany to open up sea lanes in the Mediterranean and disrupting German campaigns on the Eastern Front. Brick Warriors introduces the British Sapper accessories in honor of the success of this major European gain:

british-grenadeALLIES GRENADE – When bullets aren’t enough, or your LEGO minifigures want to practice their curveball with a catcher that they really despise, this custom LEGO grenade is the perfect choice! Just pull the pin, throw it, and hope your enemy doesn’t kick it back at you.


BRITISH ROCKET LAUNCHER – Standard issue custom LEGO rocket launcher for your British LEGO minifigure WW2 armies.

Don’t forget to get a nice supply of British Rockets to fire from the launcher.

british-rocketBRITISH ROCKET – Make sure your British LEGO soldiers have plenty of rockets to fire from their rocket launchers!

british-lmgBRITISH LMG РThis custom LEGO gun is the standard issue light machine gun for your British WW2 Minifigure armies.

british-revolverBRITISH REVOLVER РThis custom LEGO gun is the standard issue revolver for your British WW1 and WW2 Minifigure armies.

Order your Sapper accessories today!

Brick Warriors Website: http://www.brickwarriors.com


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