The Soviets have won the Battle of Moscow.  With both the Soviet and German armies depleted and freezing, the battle finally came to a halt.  This was a huge win for the allies.  In honor of the Soviets success in battle, Brick Warriors has released their new Soviet Tanker accessories:

ushankaUSHANKA – It’s a well known fact that LEGO minifigures lose most of their heat through that hole in the top of their heads. Usually that’s okay, but when fighting in the cold tundra of the Soviet Union, a nice fur-lined Ushanka is a necessity for survival.

soviet-helmetSOVIET TANKER HELMET –  Soviet tankers were always being silly and bumping their heads on the inside of their LEGO tanks, so this helmet was developed to prevent unnecessary boo-boos.

antitankANTI-TANK RIFLE – Tank designers thought custom LEGO guns wouldn’t be able to penetrate their thick armor…until this monster rifle was designed to blow right though armor up to 40 mm thick.

lmgSOVIET LIGHT MACHINE GUN – This custom LEGO gun is the standard issue LMG for your Soviet WW2 Minifigure armies.

pistolWW2 SEMI AUTO PISTOL – This custom LEGO gun is the standard issue pistol for your German WW1 and WW2 Minifigure armies, and also your Soviet Minifigure armies in WW2.

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