Guitar Crate is all about helping players build strong relationships with their instrument. This isn’t some random collection of guitar stuff you may not want or need. This is the thoughtful selection of useful, valuable tools that any guitarist can use. They hope you find some discoveries in every crate that help you grow as a musician.

guitar-crate-3Started by two guys, Pete and TJ, Guitar Crate is a new subscription service for guitar players. They currently offer two options, Guitar Crate (Basic) and Guitar Crate Plus. Basic is $9.99 a month, and gets you a set of strings, some picks, and something extra every month. Plus is $29.99 and gets you two sets of strings, picks, and a set of items themed around different styles of guitar play.

guitarcrate16This month was the FIRST month of the Guitar Crate subscription service. I thought this was an interesting approach to the monthly subscription game. There are services out there for clothing, toys, food, games, educational items and many more, yet I hadn’t really seen one yet for instruments. I received one of their Plus crates, which go for 29.99 (plus shipping), and was eager to delve into it. The box art looks cool, although on first impression the box itself does seem a little small. Considering they ask for t-shirt size, among other info, when signing up for the Guitar Crate, I am not sure how they would fit bigger items like that inside this box. Maybe they have bigger boxes for shipping bigger items? Well, let’s see what actually IS in this month’s box.

guitarcrate13Despite the smaller size of the box, it is packed tightly with a bunch of items. These items fit “just right” in this box, I would be curious to see how they get the items to fit in future boxes.

guitarcrate9 guitarcrate10

The first item I pull out is the D’Addario Planet Waves Headstand. It is a great tool for supporting the neck and head of your guitar when changing strings (or for doing other work on your guitar). The item was removed from the packaging, and the packaging was folded, in order to get it to fit. It is a handy device, and it went right into one of the pouches on my guitar case.

guitarcrate6Next out of the box was a pair of packages of Dunlop guitar picks. There is a 12 pack of Dunlop Gels picks, these ones were the Heavy (.96mm) ones , which are  thinner than the picks I normally like using, but I would give them a try, as they have an interesting feel to them. The other package is a 3 pack of Jim Dunlop Primetone Sculpted Plectra, these ones are at 1.3mm, which is more along the lines of the picks I normally use, I will definitely be using these.

guitarcrate4Next out of the box is the D’Addario Planet Waves Micro Headstock Tuner. Tuners are always handy (unless of course you can tune by ear), and with the tiny size of this one, I imagine it would be extra handy, as it is small enough to be stored anywhere. With its low-profile, combined with the back-lit LD display,  it could be kept on the back of the headstock, to be used for on-stage tuning. It also has a visual metronome. I happened to be in need of a new tuner when the Guitar Crate came along, so that is extra convenient.

guitarcrate5Last out of the box is 2 packages of Dunlop Electric 10 gauge guitar strings. I don’t have much to say about these, they are guitar strings, and Dunlop is a pretty good brand. Strings are the guaranteed item that comes in Guitar Crate. Every Guitar Crate (Basic) comes with 1 set of guitar strings, and every Guitar Crate Plus comes with 2 sets of strings. When you sign up for a subscription, you choose what gauge string you like, and can even choose to receive extra sets in your crate (for an extra charge).

Guitar Crate is a cool subscription service that brings something different to the table. The value is there. You get more than is spent on the Crate cost, shipping included, just as promised. Even if you went price shopping around the internet, you’d be hard-pressed to get all of these items for less than spent on the crate. Plus the fun of opening a box full of surprise items that relate to something you enjoy.  I definitely recommend this for guitar fans of all kinds, or as a gift for that guitar-lover in your life.

They currently only offer this service to the United States, but they are planning on expanded the availability of their service, so keep checking their site, and follow them on social media!

Check them out on their website: http://www.guitarcrate.com/

their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TheGuitarCrate

and their Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/TheGuitarCrate




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  2. Thanks for the post. I was wondering if you could answer a question for me. What’s the best type of guitar tuner to get for a beginner player? I’m deciding whether I want to get a clip on tuner or on the of plugin kind. it’s for my acoustic guitar with a pickup. I appreciate the help.


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