brick-warriorsAfter the attack on Pearl Harbor, the US didn’t waste any time declaring war. Japan also didn’t waste any time with their next attack.  The US and Japan fought that very same day in the Battle of Guam.  The US was defeated by Japan in the battle and Japan gained occupancy of Guam.

To help the US recover from this defeat, we have just released our new US Medic accessories:

stretcherSTRETCHER – For those times when your LEGO WW2 soldiers have gone and done something crazy like gotten their legs blown off, use the stretcher to carry them to safety.

syringeSYRINGE – While not as intimidating as a custom LEGO gun, the syringe can be just as deadly when used with the right dose of cyanide.  And I guess it can also be used for medicine or something.

carbineUS CARBINE – This custom LEGO gun is the standard issue carbine for your US WW2 LEGO armies.

Equip your minfigures today!

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