Straight out of NYC, WYLDLIFE’s bright and brash rock & roll attitude updates ’70s punk, glam and garage rock for the modern age. On the heels of two self-released albums and fast, loud shows which quickly established them as live favorites up and down the east coast, this four-piece outift is poised to rock far and wide with the January 20 release of Out On Your Block, their first with Wicked Cool Records.

One of the first releases in Wicked Cool’s new partnership with The Orchard, Out On Your Block was recorded in Atlanta on a shoestring budget but marks a big sonic leap forward for the group, never compromising its charmingly ragged aesthetic. Their loud yet melodic sound found a well-connected fan in Steven Van Zandt, E Street Band guitarist, host of Little Steven’s Underground Garage and proprietor of Wicked Cool Records.

wyldlifeVan Zandt recently announced the band’s signing and album release via Facebook Video and featured first single “Contraband” as “The Coolest Song In the World” this past weekend on Sirius XM’s Underground Garage. “Jim Carroll was one of my favorite New York rockers,” notes WYLDLIFE singer Dave Feldman. “His lyrics and cadence in the way he performed is something I really respect and ‘Contraband’ was influenced by his style. I wrote this about wanting to move through life at the speed of sound, at any cost.”

Hear / Share / Download “Contraband” via Soundcloud | Spotify | iTunes

WYLDLIFE’s inspirations run from titans like Jagger, Bowie, Iggy and the Ramones to New York Dolls, The Replacements, The Only Ones and Richard Hell. They also cite contemporaries like The Hives from Sweden, Norway’s Death By Unga Bunga, Italy’s Giuda, plus Americans like Dirty Fences, Baby Shakes and Biters.

The quartet is eager to tour throughout 2017 in support of these ten new songs that speak to these themes of eternal youth: love, sex, partying, and rock and roll. “These are ten new songs that continue the ethos of the band,” continues Feldman. “Try to have a good time for as long as you can in this life, because you only get to go around once.” WYLDLIFE will be playing a hometown show to end the year on December 30 at The Bowery Electric with The Dictators NYC & Palmyra Delran.


Wicked Cool Records evolved out of “Little Steven” Van Zandt’s weekly syndicated radio show and SiriusXM channel, Little Steven’s Underground Garage. Van Zandt founded the label as a way to further support new rock & roll that wasn’t receiving the recognition it deserved. Among the label’s releases are the new album In Orbit by Kurt Baker Combo plus ten critically acclaimed compilations including Halloween A Go-Go, Christmas A Go-Go and The Coolest Songs In The World Volumes 1-8, featuring music from the Underground Garage. In 2016, Wicked Cool Records began a unique distribution deal and partnership with The Orchard encompassing both the label’s back catalog and all new Wicked Cool releases.

Out On Your Block Track List
1 – Desperate Times
2 – Teenage Heart
3 – Keepsakes
4 – Deadbeat
5 – Bandida
6 – Contraband
7 – Suburban Fever
8 – 120 Minutes
9 – Cuffed
10 – Get Loud

Dave Feldman – vocals
Sam Allen – guitar
Spencer Alexander – bass
Stevie Dios – drums


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