Officially out via Bandcamp, is the 4th volume in the Side-Line powered charity compilation series “Face The Beat”.
“Face The Beat: Session 4” features no less than 92 tracks (!) from the worldwide industrial underground and is available for FREE or pay-what-you-want.

face-the-beatDuring the past few months Side-Line Magazine has been completing this brand new volume again focusing on getting as many unsigned bands as possible on board. They had again been inundated with thousands of submissions. The quality was so high this time that they have increased the number of bands that could participate this time.

Like has been the case in the past with their previous volumes, they are again supporting a charity work with donations received for this new volume. More precisely they will help build a sanitary installation for a public hospital (based in the Mexican state of Veracruz).

Why Mexico? Side-Line chief editor Bernard Van Isacker explains:

“When I was in Mexico to get wedded earlier this year, I was rushed to a public hospital (where usually the poor people go) with a serious back injury.

 I was so incredibly well-received and helped out even though it was very clear that the hospital was very much underfunded. The doctors, the nurses, they have done a splendid job in caring for me. But one thing struck me during this period and that was that the poor people waiting outside (sometimes for hours) had no toilet facilities or a place where they could take care of their babies. The hospital had no funds to build this, so I decided to help them out financially.

But what I gave isn’t sufficient to finish the construction and complete the sanitary facilities. That’s when I realised that the charity project to be supported this time by Face The Beat should be this. You know, we are so damn lucky with our public health service here in Europe. So, if you want to help out, then please donate, you’ll make the life of so many people a lot easier and comfortable.”

“Face The Beat: Session 4” – available via Bandcamp – features lots of new talents, and several familiar ‘faces’, from the electro, wave, industrial, dubstep, dark folk scene who wanted to put their shoulders under this release. You’ll find well known acts such as The Psychic Force, Kant Kino, Antibody, and many more next to a huge lot of new talents, many of these bands don’t have a label contract or have just been signed recently.

The material was carefully mastered by Erlend Eilertsen (Essence Of Mind) for your best audio pleasure.

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