Here again with another humble bundle game to review. This one is a dumb game, in a fun way. Remember when you were a kid, you probably played with toy army men? Mean Green Plastic Warfare makes it possible to see what we did to those toy soldiers. I got this game as a part of the humble bundle (no, not sponsored by them) and this game was a great way to kill a few hours with my friends. The maps were creative and I was genuinely excited to play on each one. The game play is OK at best, we’ll get more into later.


The maps are all fun and offer a certain game mode depending what map you’re on. The maps are also varied, so much so that pictures are better suited to show you than my words. My favorite map has to be the train around the Christmas tree. There is just something so satisfying about fighting to Christmas music.


The game play is good enough to make the game playable, but it all comes down to two guns, the shotgun and the sniper rifle. These are the two best guns in the game. It doesn’t seem that the sniper rifle has a range cap and I can hit people who are mere dots in my scope. I’ve been able to camp the enemy spawn point from my team’s spawn point in more than a few maps. The shotgun just blows people away at close range. It often feels like I should just spray and pray it rather than aim with it. The auto rifle is only OK, it takes quite a few hits to take anyone down. The flamethrower is worthless, burn it (ha! pun) and the rocket launcher is great, but can only be fired once a minute and it easily avoidable at mid to long range.


The music is really fitting to each map and the hectic game play. It’s always upbeat and it doesn’t take itself too seriously. This isn’t a game I would play alone. This is something to be enjoyed with friends and family, a game where anything can happen and everything is ridiculous. What it lacks in game play, it makes up for in fun, strange i know, but trust me, this game is fun.


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